Lego rolls out storytelling skill on Alexa

New Alexa Kids skills are about to take over your smart home speaker

Amazon Echo adds Alexa skills built for kids: Pac-Man, Sesame Street and more

The Amazon Echo Plus smart speaker, which is powered by Alexa. The feature was previously available in a handful of titles.

Echo owners can find the kid skills within the Alexa app, or use by saying "Alexa, what are your kid skills".

All developers of Alexa skills are getting an early Christmas present from Amazon in the way of in-skill purchases. For instance, in March 2017, Amazon said that Alexa developers could apply to obtain $100 in credits that they could then use to purchase cloud computing capacity from Amazon Web Services.

Amazon says that in-skill purchases must offer some sort of value-add for Prime subscribers, like a discounted price, exclusive content or early access.

Prior to these tools becoming available in the USA, many independent Alexa developers could only make money from a program Amazon runs that pays the creators of the most popular skills.

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Unsurprisingly there's support for physical products being sold via Alexa skills, and companies like 1-800-Flowers and TGI Fridays are already offering that.

As for in-skill purchases, that's also being expanded to general availability today.

In-skill purchasing can already be found in Jeopardy games, The Ellen Show's Heads Up, and TuneIn's Live audio service, as well as a couple of other Alexa skills.

Similar to Apple's App Store, developers will make 70 percent of the price paid for by customers, with Amazon keeping the rest. New skills that will offer premium content are SYFI Wire by NBCUniversal, Yes Sire by Volley Inc. and Word of the Way by Volley Inc.

A year ago Amazon began rewarding developers with direct cash payouts for having top skills in select categories. "We are incredibly excited to collaborate with Amazon Alexa and work together on this first skill and we look forward to creating many unique stories in the future".

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