United States of America resume the Second fleet amid tensions with Russian Federation

US Navy's new command puts Russia in the crosshairs – media

Fourth Fleet celebrates 10-year anniversary at NAS Mayport

The United States Navy is re-establishing its 2nd Fleet, responsible for the northern Atlantic Ocean, almost seven years after it was disbanded as the Pentagon puts countering Russian Federation at the heart of its military strategy. "So as we've seen this great power competition emerge, the Atlantic Ocean is as dynamic a theater as any and particular the North Atlantic, so as we consider high-end naval warfare, fighting in the Atlantic, that will be the 2nd Fleet's responsibility". The Pentagon is announcing the official launch of a new naval command that will bolster America's and NATO's presence in the Atlantic.

Re-establishing the second fleet "ensures dedicated reinforcement of the region and demonstrates a capable and credible deterrence effect" against adversaries, the official said.

The change of command ceremony was held aboard USS George H.W. Bush.

The us Second fleet responsible for the Western part of the Atlantic ocean, was disbanded in the autumn of 2011 in connection with the restructuring of the U.S. Navy, as well as for financial reasons. In June 2017, Moscow announced it would keep a 15-ship task force in the Eastern Mediterranean, operating out of Syria.

Earlier this year, the US military said in a new national defense strategy that countering Russian Federation, along with China, would be a priority, the latest sign of shifting priorities after more than a decade and a half of focusing on the fight against Islamist militants.

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Russian submarines can also create a hazard of mines and anti-submarine missiles that would complicate a deployment in support of North Atlantic Treaty Organisation allies, risking an escalation of tension with US cities in range, he said.

2nd Fleet's reactivation will free up the Navy's Fleet Forces for its original mission to train and provide forces to commanders worldwide.

The fleet also oversaw the blockade of Cuba during the Cuban Missile Crisis, rescued Americans in Grenada during Operation Urgent Fury in October 1983 and trained and certified half the USA fleet for Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm. He said the new NATO command "will be the linchpin of trans-Atlantic security".

Amid rising tensions with Russian Federation, the Pentagon on Friday announced the official launch of a new naval command that will bolster the USA and NATO presence in the Atlantic Ocean.

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