Volvo teams up with Google for Google Assistant, Play Store and Maps

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Volvo teams up with Google for Google Assistant, Play Store and Maps

It is expected that Google is probably going to move to a more minimalist and clean interface with Android P. There are a lot of ways Google can improve it-better microphones, a new wake word, a lower price-and with new Google Assistant capabilities, an update to the original Google speaker would fit right in.

Google has partnered with JBL on the new Link Bar, which is many things in one: It's a soundbar.

Google tends to name its operating systems after desserts, such as Nougat.

There will be announcements about the future of Android and Google's AI efforts. The party trick here is the Android TV and Assistant built-in. Let us know in the comments! The form factor looks something like a Chromecast, but the bundled remote suggests it won't rely on a phone to do your streaming.

Speaking of safety, Android Auto is offering developers new templates that allow them to cut back on the number of taps required when using apps on Android's automobile platform. Apps and services developed by Google and Volvo Cars are embedded in the auto, plus thousands of additional apps are available through the Google Play Store that is optimised and adapted for Android-based vehicle infotainment systems. Whether Google does make a refresh on either platform is open to much debate. As AdAge was the first to report, the revamped news app will include more video from YouTube and offer faster load times, courtesy of Google's Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP).

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The features will be available for Volvo's next-generation cars over the next few years. The annual developer conference is bound to outline Android treats that tech enthusiasts have been anticipating for weeks, one in particular sounding very sweet.

LG, iHome, and Lenovo's recently launched smart speakers and displays are all powered by Android Things and will be released by the end of summer, with some of them already being available for purchase.

Android variants thrive in China, where Google does not operate.

Google will be demoing Link Bar at I/O this week, so we'll report on new information as we receive it. It would be great if Google announced that a unified Assistant experience was coming to all of its devices, with syncing and continuity throughout all of them.

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