Google Maps will soon offer personalized recommendations

Google I/O Update: Google Maps 'For You' Section, Augmented Reality Features Announced

Google Maps to get updated with new Assistant, AR, and recommendation features

Your directions say "head north" but which way is north?

Google Maps has always helped you get where they need to go as quickly as possible, and soon, it'll help you do even more. It looks a heck of a lot like what Google Glass wanted to be but on your phone.

Waymo, Google's self-driving vehicle technology features a fleet of self-driving cars in places such as Arizona. First is "For You", which will automatically show you information about places in the areas that are important to you, things such as new businesses, restaurants that are trending, or recommendations of things to do that match your preferences. If you regularly peruse the star ratings of various restaurants before you decide where to go, then you know that those ratings can only tell you so much.

However, the 2D view isn't ideal, leading you to walk in any direction and hoping your path follows Google's blue dots.

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"GPS alone doesn't cut it", Chennapragada said when describing how this camera-powered mode might work. "So we asked ourselves, what if the camera can help us here?" It could also help in finding the ideal hangout for a group of friends. For instance, a virtual fox might appear and show you which way to walk. The app which is actually meant for giving directions to its users, now, has an added responsibility to assist them in discovering the needed places like restaurants, malls, theatres etc. VPS uses the visual features of the environment to provide a precise location.

Although impressive, the system doesn't sound easy to implement, and what we saw at Google I/O may be vaporware.

There's also a new For You tab in the app that Google describes in further detail below.

There will be lists, like the Foodie List, that pull together data from trusted publishers, local experts, other users and Google's algorithms. Lens also can now rack up fashion searches - Google has made progress with style matching from different designers to different fabrics.

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