Trade, Terror, and Teasing: Trump Weighs in on International Policy on Twitter

Trade, Terror, and Teasing: Trump Weighs in on International Policy on Twitter

Trade, Terror, and Teasing: Trump Weighs in on International Policy on Twitter

Mark Warner, the top Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee, said Monday it was "unacceptable" how little material about Haspel has been made public - and he urged her to intervene herself. "It's awesome to watch the media disparage and attack women of real substance while they laud a woman who spends most of her time hanging off a pole half or completely naked". The only thing you can say about her is that she was willing personally to oversee the brutality which many in the Bush administration were telling us was necessary to beat the terrorists - and that she drafted orders to destroy evidence of techniques used.

Mohammed was the principal architect of the 9/11 attacks, which killed almost 3,000 people in New York, Washington D.C., and Pennsylvania. "The CIA needs her to guide them into America's brilliant and wonderful future!" he mentioned.

In his letter to Haspel, which was seen by Reuters, Warner said the Central Intelligence Agency had not released enough unclassified information about "all of the leadership and supervisory positions you held at Central Intelligence Agency headquarters".

"Her confirmation is going to be interpreted not just as sweeping it under the rug, but people overseas are going to look at it as it's an implicit approval of that program", Ford told reporters on a conference call Tuesday. No committee Republican has publicly expressed opposition to her, although Senator Susan Collins said she had a good meeting with Haspel but would decide whether to support her nomination after the hearing. The committee has scheduled Haspel's confirmation hearing for Wednesday, according to the network news.

Trade, Terror, and Teasing: Trump Weighs in on International Policy on Twitter

Gina Haspel, a 33-year veteran of the CIA, is the first woman to be nominated to head the Agency, where she's served as deputy director since February. "This can be a lady who has been a pacesetter wherever she has gone".

Haspel, who considered withdrawing over her role in the controversial interrgation program, faces a tough Senate confirmation hearing Wednesday, and her nomination remains uncertain.

'[In] my meetings with Gina, she was 100 per cent committed to being the best nominee we could find, ' Short said. Two administration officials said May 4 that Haspel is saying that if confirmed, she would be against resurrecting the program even though Trump has supported waterboarding and worse. He said "there's a huge amount still to be learned" about Haspel's previous work, which is "a ideal test of what she might face right now". Jackson eventually withdrew his name for nomination and the White House has yet to name a nominee to lead the VA. It was described by one of his lawyers, Marine Lt. Col. Derek A. Poteet, who is helping to defend him from death-penalty charges before the military commissions system at the Guantánamo Bay naval station.

Raj Shah, a White House spokesman, on Sunday called Haspel a highly qualified nominee.

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