Delta plane from Detroit evacuated at Denver after smoke fills cabin

Passengers evacuate Delta Airlines jet after landing in Denver

Top News: The Newest: Delta flight evacuated due to smoke in cabin

Passengers on a Delta flight Tuesday were forced to evacuate on the tarmac after the cabin filled with smoke.

Airport spokeswoman Emily Williams told The Associated Press that no major injuries were reported from smoke inhalation, but that some passengers suffered minor injuries during the evacuation.

Delta blamed the smoke on a small amount of hydraulic fluid dripping onto the aircraft's auxiliary power unit - a small jet engine located in the rear of the plane.

"Once the crew determined that emergency evacuation was necessary, they quickly and professionally directed passengers off the aircraft through the various exits onboard", Black said.

This was Delta flight 1854 from Detroit to Denver. "Thank goodness for the passengers who take care of things", passenger Rachel Naftel wrote on Twitter.

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Scariest thing. After landing fumes through the vents and fire. A Delta flight from Detroit filled with smoke and passengers had to be evacuated.

Williams did not know how many people were on board or what kind of plane was involved.

Naftel later wrote that she and other passengers discussed the lingering effect of the smoke as they waited for information and bags.

Delta said the 146 customers were transported to the terminal in buses.

"The safety of Delta's customers and crew is our top priority and we apologize for the concern this situation has caused", Delta said Wednesday in a statement.

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