Trump stumps for Republicans and debuts new campaign slogan in Indiana

North Carolina voters are choosing their parties' nominees Tuesday in dozens of legislative and congressional primary races congested

Trump stumps for Republicans and debuts new campaign slogan in Indiana

Trump and Pence flew into Elkhart to drum up support for GOP nominee Mike Braun, who will challenge incumbent Democrat Sen. Mr. Donnelly has carefully nurtured a voting record that has, until now, avoided being considered by Republicans as too liberal.

Despite Mr. Trump's triumphant message of recovery, "I've never seen people as angry as they are now" over key issues, particularly over the cost of their health care, Mr. Holtz said. He assailed him for opposing the president's signature tax cuts and his attempt to end the Affordable Care Act.

The president outlined the qualifications of GOP nominee for Senate Mike Braun, saying he is a victor and will fight for the values that bind everyone together, during a rally in Indiana Thursday.

"At 2 am, I had the honor of greeting 3 Americans held in North Korea and we welcomed them back in a proper way".

"Joe Donnelly will do whatever [Senate Minority Leader] Chuck Schumer and [House Minority Leader] Nancy Pelosi tell him what to do".

Trump slammed Donnelly in his speech, dubbing him "Sleeping Joe" and listing off all the times he voted "no".

The photo op was at first less than flawless, with Braun appearing to try to get the president's attention for a handshake as the new GOP Senate nominee was speaking, but Braun and Trump eventually got the photo.

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The initial field of 28,813 public high schools was cut down to about 20,000. "Ridgefield High School is ranked 5th within CT ". Schools were ranked based on their performance on state-required tests and how well they prepared students for college.

He stated: "The new embassy, I said 'when is it going to be open?'"

He continued: "So they said from five to 10 years, that means probably 15 to 20 years right?" It's going to be "Keep America Great" because that's exactly where we are headed.

Missing was any reference to the clouds cast by the special counsel's ongoing investigation into Russian election meddling and near-daily revelations about Trump's personal attorney Michael Cohen's payments to a porn actress who alleges an affair with Trump.

But Trump instead lobbed the "swamp person" charge at Donnelly, prompting the audience to break into a "Drain the swamp" chant.

Trump's political advisers view the event as a way to project party unity following a bruising primary between Braun and two Indiana Republican congressmen.

He spoke last week to the National Rifle Association in Dallas.

As he travels the country, Trump will face the question of whether his appeal is transferable to down-ballot candidates, much in the way that Obama struggled to rally core Democrats when he wasn't running himself.

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