Trump to meet North Korean leader Kim Jong-un in Singapore

Vladimir Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin speaks at a news conference in Paris

His announcement came just hours after three Americans who had been held prisoner in North Korea arrived at a U.S. military base outside Washington, having been released by Kim as a gesture ahead of the summit.

Trump offered a compliment to the North Korean dictator, saying "We want to thank Kim Jong-un, who really was excellent to these three incredible people". "We will both try to make it a very special moment for World Peace!" he tweeted.

Still, the dramatic meeting - which saw a North Korean leader setting foot on South Korean soil for the first time since the end of the 1953 Korean War - marked a historic breakthrough between the two countries.

The 2 leaders are anticipated to debate North Korea's nuke growth and testing amongst different points.

"Singaporeans have been gracious up until now and also in the past". Last November, Singapore suspended trade relations with North Korea in compliance with United Nations resolutions. Singapore has always been known as a disciplined, safe city where East meets West.

"They take great pride in being a friend to all".

The country has been the site of other high-profile summits.

Singapore was favoured by United States officials because of its neutrality and infrastructure.

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It will be the first time a sitting US president meets with the leader of North Korea. "North Korea summit, Japan will firmly tell its stance" to the United States, the premier also said. "I share that goal, and if it proves unachievable through these talks, I support a continuation of the policy of maximum pressure on the regime".

Kim reportedly told Chinese President Xi this week that he would have no reason to hold on to his nuclear weapons if "relevant parties" - an apparent reference to the US - dropped their "hostile policies" and removed "security threats" against his regime.

But Trump's aides reportedly viewed the DMZ as being too close to Kim's turf.

"But we got, up front, our people home".

The church, which referred to him as Kim Hak-sung, said in a statement that he was devoted to ministry and was detained by North Korean authorities after he was caught trying to return to his home in Dandong, China. They came out for nothing, and the others came out for $1.8 billion in cash.

According to North Korea's state media, Kim, 64, ran a company in the North's northeastern Rason special economic zone before his arrest on October 2, 2015. Kim has repeatedly expressed his commitment to denuclearization, but it's unclear on what terms.

Despite a middle-of-the-night landing Thursday at the Washington-area Joint Base Andrews, Trump and his wife plan to celebrate in person when the freed men arrive. It is a wonderful thing that these men have been released from bondage, and that should be celebrated. "Can you imagine if Trump walked across the border holding hands with this guy", Albright said. "I really think he wants to do something. and bring his country into the real world. So I think he has very smartly - and very masterfully. escalated and saber-rattled so that he could then switch and appear much more accommodating and present a more peaceful face".

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