Israeli Airstrikes In Syria Killed 19 Iranians This Week, War Monitor Says

Will Iran and Israel Go to War? Trump Backs Israel's Right to Use Force As Rockets Fly Across Border From Syria

Israel v Iran: Are they heading for a war?

That brings to 42, including 19 Iranians, the total killed during the two days of strikes.

Retired American four-star general and chairman of the Institute for the Studay of War Jack Keane was talking to Fox News about the febrile situation in the Middle East, as tensions ramp up following the USA's withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal. The argument involved global repercussions for firing the missiles, as well as diplomacy with European countries, Russian Federation and China over the nuclear deal.

Israel, which has vowed to prevent any entrenched Iranian military presence in southern Syria, is suspected of carrying out several rounds of strikes against Tehran-backed forces. Now, with President Donald Trump's decision to withdraw from it, Netanyahu may be emboldened to pursue his confrontation with Iran.

Officials told the channel Friday night that the security cabinet believes Iran "has gotten the Israeli message, and won't mess with us in the near future".

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Iran had "crossed a red line" and that Israel's bombardment against targets in Syria was "a consequence".

Although slogans of "Death to America" were few, many Iranians are sincerely angry over the US decision to withdraw from the deal and are siding with hard-liners who long have warned to be suspicious of the West.

On Friday, France urged Europeans to stand up to Trump over the nuclear deal and not act as "vassals", as the EU scrambles to find ways to save the accord and the billions of dollars in trade it unleashed.

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A hard-line Iranian cleric threatened his country would retaliate if Israel "does anything foolish". The two countries were the main allies of the United States in the region, and Iranian oil was shipped to Israel during the 1973 war. Hostile rhetoric has escalated over the decades since.

According to the newspaper's source, after Ryabkov gave the information to Iran an argument erupted between Iranian President Hassan Rohani and military commander Mohammad Bagheri, about the intention to fire missiles at Israel.

But unlike Israel and its Arab neighbors, the two countries have never had a direct confrontation. Soleimani is the head of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard's elite Quds expeditionary force which is fighting in both Iraq and Syria.

Is the Mideast sliding to an all-encompassing, ruinous war?


Russia, which is also an ally of Assad, said on Thursday that Syria had shot down more than half of the missiles fired at it overnight by Israel.

Although Iran may not be a match for Israel's military power, it has a variety of allies and ways to hit back if corned by the U.S., Israel and Saudi Arabia, Iran's regional rival. Saudi Arabia already accuses Iran of providing missiles that Yemeni rebels have fired toward Riyadh.

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