Facebook goes after apps that access its users' data, suspends 200

Another Facebook data leak exposed information of 3 million people

Facebook goes after apps that access its users' data, suspends 200

Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg spent most of the past month on the fallout from revelations about Cambridge Analytica's data hijacking.

His committee criticised the company, saying its answers did not fully address each point about how it handles United Kingdom citizens' data with sufficient detail.

"While Mark Zuckerberg has no plans to meet with the committee or travel to the United Kingdom at the present time, we fully recognise the seriousness of these issues and remain committed to providing any additional information required for their inquiry into fake news".

"If Mark Zuckerberg truly recognises the "seriousness" of these issues as they say they do, we would expect that he would want to appear in front of the committee and answer questions that are of concern not only to Parliament, but Facebook's tens of millions of users in this country".

United Kingdom committees can compel witnesses (other than the monarchy, government ministers, MPs and Lords members) within the United Kingdom to attend and answer questions, according to think tank The Institute for Government. In order to avoid a second Cambridge Analytica data scandal, it has also investigated thousands of other apps that may have misused people's personal data.

Earlier this month, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg had admitted making a "huge mistake" as personal data of up to 87 million users may have been improperly shared with Cambridge Analytica.

Given that these were follow up questions to questions Mr Schroepfer previously failed to answer, we expected both detail and data, and in a number of cases got excuses.

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"We suspended the myPersonality app nearly a month ago because we believe that it may have violated Facebook's policies", Mr Archibong said on Monday in response to an AFP inquiry.

"Twitter has also made the policy decision to off-board advertising from all accounts owned and operated by Cambridge Analytica".

Rebecca Stimson, head of public policy for Facebook in the United Kingdom, said in a letter to Collins that the Facebook founder had no plans to travel to the United Kingdom.

UK Parliament roars: Oi! Archibong said, "There is a lot more work to be done to find all the apps that may have misused people's Facebook data - and it will take time".

Social-media companies have come under intense scrutiny over reports that Facebook failed to protect the privacy of is users.

There were a couple of new insights, such as detail on the extent of Facebook data gathering across the net. "We were disappointed after providing a very significant amount of information to the committee at the last hearing the committee declared our response insufficient", wrote Stimson.

You can imagine what the biz will be saying about the MPs' response to today's 40-page reply.

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