Starbucks Apologizes for Slur on Customer's Order

Starbucks Apologizes for Slur on Customer's Order

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It's a way racists refer to us Latinos.

A customer at a Starbucks in CaƱada, California, said that a racial slur was written on the drinks he ordered in place of his name, NBC4 reported.

According to Telemundo 52, when the patron, who has only been identified as "Pedro" submitted his order at the store on Tuesday, rather than writing his name, an employee opted to write "beaner", a derogatory term often used to refer to a person of Mexican descent. "This kind of mistake is unacceptable and we will take additional steps to assess what happened here and how our partners can be better", Starbucks said in the email.

Pedro believes that the slur was written on objective as the barista called him by his name to let him know his drinks were ready, NBC4 reported.

Starbucks has said it plans to close all of its stores on May 29 for racial-bias training.

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Initially, the location offered Pedro a $50 gift card to compensate for the ordeal.

"I didn't accept it", he told NBC, "because it's like an insult overall".

Pedro is expecting to meet with one of the location's employees on Thursday and although he is unsure of what will come of the interaction, he hopes the barista will face serious consequences.

In a statement sent to the broadcaster, Starbucks said the incident was "not indicative of the type of experience we want our customers to have when they walk into our stores". Pedro accepted their apology, the spokesperson told INSIDER. "We asked his forgiveness and we are working to correct this".

"After the April 12 incident, Starbucks vowed to "take actions" to fix and reaffirm our values and vision for the kind of company we want to be".

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