Sen. Bernie Sanders Says He's Running For Re-Election

US Sen. Bernie Sanders Independent of Vermont responds to a question during a town hall meeting in Jackson Mississippi

Sen. Bernie Sanders Says He's Running For Re-Election

"I think what candidates all over the country are now beginning to understand is that it is more important to reach out to the people in your community, working people, the middle class, lower-income people, rather than just worry about what wealthy campaign contributors want you to say", Sanders said.

The senator from the U.S. state of Vermont pledged he would continue to be the fiercest opponent in the Senate to congressional Republicans and President Donald Trump.

Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., will run for another term, the former candidate for president announced Monday.

He said the 2018 midterm election would be a pivotal moment in USA history and people must fight for an agenda that works for working people.

According to the campaign, Sanders' name will appear on the Democratic primary ballot. The candidate said he would formally launch his campaign in June with rallies across Vermont. Sanders says he's running again to represent Vermont and push the agenda that caught fire in 2016 when he ran for president.

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Sanders included among his priorities a $15 national minimum wage, a "Medicare for all single payer program", and free college tuition at public schools.

Sanders, who caucuses with the Democrats in the Senate, claimed that a majority of the American people now support those ideas, including an "overwhelming percentage of Democrats". "I think it is fair to say that from an ideological point of view, what the Democratic Party should stand for, we have kind of won that debate". Sanders' last campaign for U.S. Senate, in 2012, ended with a landslide victory over Republican John MacGovern in which Sanders got 71 percent of the vote.

"Honestly, that's not where my mind is right now", Sanders said.

Sanders doesn't face a Republican challenger.

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