Venezuela announces the expulsion of two top US diplomats

Venezuela announces the expulsion of two top US diplomats

Venezuela announces the expulsion of two top US diplomats

FILE PHOTO: Todd Robinson, Charge d'Affaires of the U.S. Embassy for Venezuela, talks to the media during a news conference in Caracas, Venezuela May 18, 2018. But his main challengers alleged irregularities and refused to recognize the result.

The timing is also not fortuitous for the Trump administration to target Venezuela's oil sector.

The Organization of American States and creditor nations have used negotiations of Venezuela's debt to insist that Mr.

The United Nations has estimated that almost 1 million Venezuelans the country left between 2015 and 2017. They will call for meetings among their ambassadors in Caracas as well as calling together the Venezuelan ambassadors in their countries to express their protest.

He accused the pair of trying to sabotage Venezuela's presidential election by pressuring several anti-government presidential candidates not to compete in the race.

U.S. Vice President Mike Pence called the election "a sham - neither free nor fair". The United States should collaborate with these efforts and seek to make new diplomatic partnerships to broaden the coalition of nations pressuring the Maduro regime to reform or give up power.

The Venezuelan leader announced the move after being officially proclaimed victor of Sunday's election, which was boycotted by the opposition and criticised by the global community.

"The Lima Group recalled their ambassadors to Caracas in the second act, which seems to be aimed at isolating President Nicolas Maduro and Venezuela on the worldwide stage".

President Donald Trump responded on Monday with an executive order limiting Venezuela's ability to sell state assets.

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The Venezuelan government used ample state resources to get voters out on Sunday and public workers were pressured to vote.

US-led global sanctions on Venezuela have become the object of growing criticism over the past year, with UN Independent Human Rights Expert Alfred de Zayas calling the measures a "crime against humanity" and encouraging Caracas to take Washington to the worldwide Court of Justice.

Falcon called for a new election, complaining about the government placing of almost 13,000 pro-government stands offering "prizes" close to polling stations nationwide.

While the regime of Nicolas Maduro solidifies its authoritarian grip, the people of Venezuela continue to suffer human rights abuses and serious deprivation, causing increasing displacement which is affecting countries throughout the region‎.

"Never have we witnessed an global attack as bad as the one that characterized this process", she said.

However, the move stopped short of the far-reaching sanctions under consideration that would have targeted Venezuela's oil sector.

Meanwhile, the European Union said it will consider imposing new sanctions on Venezuela as a result of Sunday's vote. "The Venezuelan crisis is not only a national issue, a national crisis created only by Venezuela".

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