Videos show devastating flash flood in Baltimore suburb

Videos show devastating flash flood in Baltimore suburb

Videos show devastating flash flood in Baltimore suburb

Ellicott City was devastated by a massive storm on the Sunday before Memorial Day, just two years after a flash flood forced the historic city in Howard County to rebuild much of its Main Street.

The floods came just two weeks after Hogan announced the county and state had been awarded $1 million in funding from the Federal Emergency Management Agency to be used for reducing flood risk in Ellicott City, according to the Associated Press.

The Visit Ellicott City organization says a local non-profit called the Ellicott City Partnership is taking donations to help the community recover from the flood, as it did in 2016.

"This is an EXTREMELY DANGEROUS AND POTENTIALLY CATASTROPHIC situation", the National Weather Service tweeted. "This was a true flash flood".

The area was still in the process of rebuilding when waters overtook the city's roads once again on Sunday.

Floodwaters rushes through part of Ellicott City, Md. Everyday people saved lives, too, helping neighbors trapped in cars and helping others evacuate.

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Howard County Executive Allan H. Kittleman characterised the flooding as "very bad".

Raging water toppled buildings, swept away cars and rose as high as nearly two metres in Ellicott City, about 22km west of Baltimore, on Sunday (local time).

Some people reported hearing a blaring alarm during the flooding.

National Weather Service meteorologist Mike Muccilli told CBS Ellicott City received 6.6 inches of rain over a two to three hour period in July 2016. On Sunday (Monday NZT), the community received almost 200mm of rain over a six-hour period, but most of it fell during an intense, three-hour period, Muccilli said.

As floodwaters receded and revealed the damage in Ellicott City, residents and business owners in the flood-prone historic district could see the scope of the challenge ahead of them. One man remains missing, as crews work to clear the area.

Howard County government said the flooding was on the same scale as a deadly 2016 storm.

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