Bethesda teases Fallout announcement ahead of E3

Fallout 3 and New Vegas are the two remaster possibilities, especially as fans have been calling for a makeover of the latter for a long time.

Although, on May 29th, Bethesda released a number of cryptic posts on social media with the classic "Please Stand By" Fallout tagline, which has sent the community into a frenzy regarding what could be coming in the future.

Well, of all the things we thought we'd see from Bethesda this E3 season, a new Fallout was pretty far down the list.

Something Fallout-related is about to be announced...

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Update: It looks like Bethesda is live on Twitch too, though all we're seeing at the moment is the same image teased on Twitter with a plastic Pip-Boy standing in the foreground. Or something considerably less interesting, like a sequel to the highly successful mobile game Fallout Shelter. That alone surely suggests a new game or spin-off rather than a port of an older game.

Possible news of for a new "Fallout" comes nearly three years after the announcement of "Fallout 4" at E3 2015.

Hopefully, the stream will reveal something about this new Fallout project soon so we know if our dreams of a new Fallout Tactics games should be put to rest forever. While Fallout 3 is the most likely bet, it's always possible that they're working on remasters of the original Fallout games or even Fallout: New Vegas. Are you excited for something Fallout-related at this year's E3?

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