Bill Clinton Loses His Cool At Prospect Of Apologizing To Lewinsky

Bill Clinton says Barack Obama enjoyed favorable press coverage partly because of his race

Bill Clinton Loses His Cool At Prospect Of Apologizing To Lewinsky

With Patterson awkwardly by his side, Clinton was grilled, particularly, by NBC News on Today, about his affair with Monica Lewinsky while he was in office.

And that's Clinton. A solid president who presided over a strong peacetime economy for the most part while moving to the center to work with Republicans on issues like welfare reform.

When asked if he owed Monica an apology, he said, "No, I do not - I have never talked to her. All he needed to say in the interview is 'I am profoundly and deeply sorry'". That is very different. "I like the "#MeToo" movement, I think it's way overdue.

"Because people would be using the facts instead of the imagined facts", he explained.

Clinton sat for the interview to promote his new novel with author James Patterson titled "The President is Missing".

Former President Bill Clinton on Monday successfully unified conservatives, liberals and the media, getting them all to agree on one thing - he messed up.

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Clinton also challenged the interviewer by asking him whether he thought past presidents, including Kennedy and LBJ, should have also been removed from office for having extramarital affairs.

"Why? I don't know", he said at first.

They cited the multiple women who have accused his father of sexual misconduct. The book has tried to depict Clinton's life in the White House as accurately as possible.

"I left the White House $16 million in debt [from legal fees], but you typically have ignored gaping facts in describing this, and I bet you don't even know them", Clinton scolded when pressed by Melvin. "He said he was right in fighting the impeachment proceedings because the facts of his investigation don't fall in to the same category as other cases that have been spawned by the "#metoo" movement.

"I have never talked to her", he said. Alongside her essay, she wrote, "Grateful to the myriad people who have helped me evolve + gain perspective in the past 20 years. worth reposting this today".

While Lewinsky was an adult when she engaged in an affair with a married man, something for which she has taken responsibility, we should not discount the enormous power imbalance between she and Clinton.

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