Do We Already Know Fallout 76's Release Date?

Do We Already Know Fallout 76's Release Date?

Do We Already Know Fallout 76's Release Date?

Regardless of which your favorite is, anyone who pays attention to gaming can't help but have noticed that a brand new Fallout, from Bethesda, was announced this week.

The vault was meant to be the first to reopen in 2097, 20 years after the atomic dust had settled on the conflict, with the intention of working to rebuild human society.

Given when the game is set, it's likely there'll be a large focus on rebuilding civilization, with the potential to create your own settlements and communities instead of playing the lone wanderer. This places it before the events of the previous Fallout games if the year shown reflects when the title takes place.

Fallout games aren't known for being delivered in July, but they aren't usually online survival games either.

That being said, October 27 is a Saturday, so the odds aren't good for October 27 being the game's exact release date.

Typically, a new Fallout title falls into an Autumn release window, with Bethesda releasing Fallout 3 on October 28th, 2008 and Obsidian's spin-off Fallout: New Vegas on 19th October, 2010. We are hoping that Bethesda will clear all of this confusion and answer our questions during their E3 conference. Fans have been analyzing the trailer for clues about what the upcoming game may have in store, and some think they may have even figured out its release date.

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We will update this guide with confirmed information as Bethesda announces it.

A short frame in the teaser trailer shows the date on the Pip-Boy to be October 27, 2102.

There's a chance, however, that the launch date could be much sooner than anticipated. That would make a release of sorts within the next couple of months seem perfectly reasonable (so long as Bethesda is not daring to slap a full-price sticker on it of course).

Fallout 76 might be the first Fallout game to ever come on a Nintendo console.

That's all the concrete information they've given us so far though, and while details on the spinoff's plot and gameplay are properly starting to take formation thanks to some eagle-eyed fans as well as some substantiated leaks from inside the development studio itself, nobody has been able to assess for themselves how the latest Fallout project is shaping up. Are you excited about the game and will you be buying the game if it is indeed an online game like the rumors are stating it to be.

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