Apple's new wellness features really, really want to fix your smartphone addiction

Image Jacob Krol  mashable

Image Jacob Krol mashable

For You can also recognize people in images and provide suggestions as to who you should share images with or what photos to share back with another person. Paid iOS apps price drop usually offers an app to download at a discounted rate or completely free. Will the upcoming new version of tvOS make you remember that the Apple TV is actually a thing that exists? "During the day when you're using the app, you can receive a helpful notification, letting you know time is nearly up". So grab it now!

The move to curb phone addiction and limit screen time is well under way as the two heavyweights in the smartphone ecosystem - Google Android and Apple iOS - are on the digital health bandwagon.

Tapping into Apple's work in augmented reality, the new Measure app allows user to measure real-world objects, like boxes, furniture, pictures, and more, by simply highlighting a start point through the device's viewfinder and then dragging to an end point, with single line or multi-line 3D objects capable of being measured. Apps can now be programed to extend their functionality into Siri so that you can issue voice commands related to them.

In fact, if you don't want to receive any notifications for a while, you can use the Do Not Disturb feature. There are also tools to limit the amount of time spent in apps.

A revamped Stock tracking app with Apple News integration. Notifications can be grouped by app as well as topic and thread.

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Apple added some cool features to Siri, including a new Shortcuts feature and app based on Apple's Workflow acquisition.

Among the features created to keep users glued to their devices, the company showed off new augmented reality features that blend the real and online worlds - including a demonstration of a new Lego children's playtime app that allows kids to use their phones to interact with toy models they had built. One of the reasons for that is the fact that premium smartphones are getting more expensive which means users are holding on to their expensive handsets for longer than they used to. It will also have some new augmented reality features, including a new file format that's being supported by Adobe called USDZ. These animoji now support tongue detection as well, meaning that you can wag or stick out your tongue while in animal form now for added personality and expression, too. Emojis are expressive images that you can customize to look like yourself. The company compiles the demographic information to create group profiles - called segments - for targeted ads. Does the next version of macOS pack any exciting and innovative features? Over the past year Apple has met with companies, including Snap and Pinterest, about participating in a network that would place ads across their collective apps.

Even crazier, Apple has stated that up to 32 different people can take part in a group video chat at the same time. Were you expecting more improvements from Apple?

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