Eruption of lava continues from vent in Hawaii neighborhood

U.S. Geological Survey map

U.S. Geological Survey map

Naturalised SWIR/VIS, containing modified Copernicus Sentinel data (2018) processed by Pierre Markuse.

The eruption is in a historically active volcanic area, known as the Lower East Rift Zone, where the landscape has been built and shaped by hundreds of centuries of lava flow. About 100 structures had been destroyed before the latest eruption, but about 500 homes in the communities of Kapoho Beach Lots and Vacationland were in the direct path of the lava.

At least 600 homes have succumbed to the lava flow since early May, according to the Hawaii County mayor, Harry Kim, and many more are still in harm's way. Scientists can't predict, but say it's possible for other fissures to open up and release lava.

The Kapoho ocean entry (as of 6:30 a.m.), where the interaction of fissure 8 lava and seawater produces a white plume called "laze".

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Lava from a fissure near the volcano spewed into Kapoho Bay forcing billowing clouds of steam into the atmosphere. Phil Ong compares this to the 35 years long eruption that had been going on at Pu'u O'o prior to the start of this eruption, and notices that although the eruption rate is about 25 times higher, is not almost a match to the ca.

Kim, who had previously said it would take a minimum of $5 million per mile to fix roads ravaged by Kilauea, said the $12 million will help Hawaii County "focus on the critical tasks of making life better for our people affected by the eruption".

Lava flows on the outskirts of Pahoa during ongoing eruptions of the Kilauea Volcano in Hawaii.

An estimated 2,500 people have been displaced by evacuations across the island since the eruption began five weeks ago, spouting fountains of lava and high concentrations of toxic sulphur dioxide gas through about two dozen volcanic fissures at the foot of the volcano. HVO/USGS reports that tollowing a magnitude-3.2 quake at the summit, twelve rockfalls were recorded in Puʻu ʻŌʻō between 10:31 and 10:56 AM on Friday 8 June, with a prominent, but brief, red dust plume ejected into the air around 10:50 AM.

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