Donald Trump Says That Melania Had a ‘Big Operation’

Donald Trump Says That Melania Had a ‘Big Operation’

Donald Trump Says That Melania Had a ‘Big Operation’

In the weeks since aides said she underwent an procedure to treat a benign kidney condition, Melania Trump has directed her East Wing aides to release nearly no information about her medical condition or explain why she was at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center for five days. "Congratulations to @jacknicklaus & Sheila Johnson, the recipients of the Lincoln Medal". This award honors those who have embodied President Abraham Lincoln's legacy through their work, according to the White House.

Mrs. Trump's Sunday participation in the gala was among the most visible appearances she has made since undergoing an embolization procedure for a benign kidney condition on May 14. Fox News contributor Mollie Hemingway gives her take on Michelle Wolf's jokes.

Because of doctor's strict orders not to fly for a month or so to the first lady, Donald had to travel alone attending the meeting in Canada and Singapore.

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Another posting says he is looking forward to straightening out unfair trade deals with the G7 countries. When will this very expensive Witch Hunt Hoax ever end?

'Tonight reminds all of us about the power the arts have in cultivating the American voice. The specifics regarding what exactly was wrong with her have not been revealed, but Donald did confirm his wife "went through a little rough patch" and was "doing great" in the aftermath. Thank you to Ford's Theatre Society for tonight, and your continued dedication to education and leadership in the arts-the impact they have on society is invaluable and something we will continue to cherish throughout time'. 'She had a big operation, that was close to a four-hour operation. "Melania would leave the White House in a hot second if it meant choosing between the role of first lady and her family's health and well-being".

Nobody outside the historic theater knew about it until shortly after 9:30 p.m., when an email from her spokeswoman, Stephanie Grisham, showed up in reporters' in-boxes, and a tweet appeared on Trump's Twitter page. "We'd have to make her into this fearless feminist icon and I don't wanna do that!" she said before insulting her role. She later added that it was the only procedure done for Melania Trump's "entire stay" at the hospital. The First Lady wore a $2,700 gown to the annual event, which was mostly black and featured white paneling across the chest, as well as shimmering gold straps.

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