Trump, North Korea talks draw range of emotions from Korean-Canadian community

United Nations Command soldiers stand next to the coffin of one Korean War-era remains during an honor guard departure ceremony at Yongsan U.S. Army Base

Trump, North Korea talks draw range of emotions from Korean-Canadian community

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and U.S. President Donald Trump met on Singapore's Sentosa Island for the historic summit June 12.

He also added prayers for the believers in North Korea to have the freedom of religion and be able to lead humane lives as soon as possible. -South Korea military exercises - another longtime demand - in exchange for dismantling a missile-engine testing site that the North may, in fact, have already destroyed.

Earlier on the day, the DPRK's top leader Kim Jong Un and U.S. President Donald Trump held an unprecedented summit in Singapore and signed a joint statement after their meeting.

"Otto did not die in vain", he said.

Rocky Kim, President of the Canada Federation of North Korean Defectors, joined worldwide voices around the world questioning Trump's approach with the North Korean leader.

Brancaccio: What has to happen next to build on this agreement that we saw today? U.S. Senator Mark Warner (D) - who is vice-chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee - in a statement says, "Diplomacy is the most viable option for pursuing the dismantlement of North Korea's nuclear program". Nor did the North Koreans.

"I really believe otherwise I wouldn't be doing this", Trump said of the summit. The document did not include specifics on the timeline or nature of denuclearization, however. This could, overtime, also weaken global resolve and willingness of many nations, particularly outside the West, to implement worldwide sanctions against North Korea.

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The two leaders first sat down for a private meeting, followed by another with their advisers.

Democrats were openly skeptical, saying Trump had already given up some American leverage by committing to halting US military exercises with treaty ally South Korea. At the Games, Vice President Mike Pence ignored Kim's sister, but Moon chose instead to agree to a historic meeting with Kim. The language in the joint statement was weaker than in previous agreements - the very significant difference being that the North is now much further advanced in its nuclear programme.

Despite Trump's claim to have achieved something that eluded his predecessors, previous US administrations extracted more specific commitments from Pyongyang, only to see them breached. Trump has dangled the prospect of economic investment in the North as a sweetener for giving up its nuclear weapons.

A confident leader strode into the Singapore summit and won.

The optimistic summit was a remarkable change in dynamics from less than a year ago, when Trump was threatening "fire and fury" against Kim, who in turn scorned the American president as a "mentally deranged USA dotard".

China, a close ally of North Korea, provided transportation logistics by offering an Air China plane, a retrofitted Boeing (747-4J6), for the 3,000-mile trip from Pyongyang to Singapore.

The summit centred on nuclear disarmament and reducing tensions.

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