USA 'will not be a migrant camp': Donald Trump

Immigrant-rights advocates protest

Immigrant-rights advocates protest

"We have sworn to do this job". "We will not apologize for the job we do".

"While we must work towards a solution that reduces the occurrence of illegal border crossings, it is unacceptable to separate young children from their parents", Republican Rep. David Valadao of Hanford said in a statement to McClatchy. We need borders. We need security. "Period", Nielsen tweeted late Sunday.

"We can do the right thing by this country and for those kids, and not do it at the price of a 2,000-mile, 30-foot-high, $30 billion wall, not doing it at the price of deporting people who are seeking asylum, deporting people in some cases back to certain death, not doing it at the cost of ending family migration, which is the story of this country", O'Rourke said.

What used to happen to families who crossed the border illegally?

Trump Jr. liked the tweet from right-wing website Breitbart, which quoted conservative pundit Ann Coulter's warning not to fall for "actor children", amid criticism of the Trump administration's policy of separating parents from their children at the border.

The new Trump administration policy, which went into effect in May, sought to maximize criminal prosecutions of people caught trying to enter the United States illegally. Sessions warned that violators would be met with "the full prosecutorial powers of the Department of Justice".

"Change the laws", Trump demanded in another tweet.

"This can not continue", Sessions said.

US protocol does not allow children to be detained with their parents because they, unlike their moms and dads, aren't charged with a crime. He insisted again that his family separation policy was the effect of "horrible laws" that the opposition party refused to agree to change. "If we build the wall, if we pass legislation to end the lawlessness, we won't face these bad choices".

Then followed Laura Bush, a Republican and the wife of former president George W Bush, who condemned the move as "immoral" and "reminiscent of the internment camps for United States citizens and noncitizens of Japanese descent during World War II".

Trump is scheduled to meet with House Republicans on Capitol Hill Tuesday to discuss two Republican-backed immigration bills amid growing calls to end practices that have separated migrant families at the southern border.

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"The people of Germany are turning against their leadership as migration is rocking the already tenuous Berlin coalition".

He cited immigration for causing political instability in Germany and said that crime in Germany was "way up".

But controversy over DHS treatment of families continues to heat up.

Laura Bush, wife to George W. Bush, got the ball rolling among First Ladies when she wrote in an Op-Ed at the Washington Post on Sunday that quickly careened around the Internet.

She wrote: "I appreciate the need to enforce and protect our worldwide boundaries, but this zero-tolerance policy is cruel". And it breaks my heart.

Current First Lady Melania Trump, also addressed the emotional issue.

"She believes we need to be a country that follows all laws, but also a country that governs with heart", her spokeswoman Stephanie Grisham told CNN.

The other "loophole" the Trump administration points to is the William Wilberforce Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act, or the TVPRA.

However, no law requires the administration to separate families at the border.

But Trump himself has also decried the policy's effects.

Nielsen said she had not heard the controversial audio first published by ProPublica that made rounds on Monday, purportedly captured at a immigration detention center last week.

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