Time Magazine Lays Child Migrant Crisis At President Trump’s Feet

Little girl

Honduran girl at the border Credit John Moore Getty Images

It's been estimated that almost 2,000 children have been apprehended at the U.S. -Mexico border since April, as part of a practice a human rights official with the United Nations has called "unconscionable".

"I could see the fear on their faces and in their eyes".

The photo, that subsequently went viral, succeeded to prick the conscience of many who condemned the ongoing painstaking separation of children at the borders from their parents and other loved ones. Moore was in the Rio Grande Valley in Texas photographing Border Patrol activities as people were crossing the Rio Grande river from Mexico at night.

Moore took the photo after the border patrol agents asked the girl's mother to put her down so her name and information could be processed and she could be searched before the two were detained.

Moore told "Time" that capturing the moment of the little girl crying as her mother was searched and detained was "tough". With the adult detained and facing prosecution, any minors accompanying them are taken away. They were promptly apprehended by U.S. Customs and Border Protection, and relocated to a processing centre.

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The mother told Moore that she and her daughter had been traveling for a month to get to the U.S. border and apply for asylum.

Donald Trump may have announced the end to his breathtakingly cruel child separation policy yesterday.

The Trump administration's policy that effectively separated families crossing the United States border has held up a big, glaring mirror to America's moral character. This is the largest single fundraiser ever on Facebook, according to the social network site. That's when Moore snapped the now-famous photo.

Moore told Time taking this photo was also been hard not only as a photojournalist but also as a father. "I would very much like to know", Moore said. "All I wanted to do was pick her up".

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