Israeli Missiles Strike Near Damascus Airport

Syria says Israeli missiles strike near Damascus airport

Israel hits Hezbollah arms depots in Syria, war monitor says

Two Israeli missiles struck an area near the Damascus International Airport early Tuesday, Syria state media reported, but didn't name a specific target.

Its military has been carrying out strikes on Iranian and Iran-affiliated targets in Syria.

Spokesman for the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) Jens Laerke said at the same briefing that civilians including children have lost their lives and been injured during the conflicts and a hospital has been put out of operation.

Displaced people have set up tents in areas closer to the rebel-held Jordanian border, which the government hopes to reach, but it is unknown how close the ad-hoc camps are to the frontier.

Kiwan, the Tafas resident, said maybe the United Nations can help the displaced in southern Syria after Jordan's announcement. The United States and Russia, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's most powerful ally, a year ago agreed a "de-escalation" zone in the area that has helped to contain the violence there.

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On Tuesday, the pro-government Central Military Media said Syrian troops gained control of al-Lujat, a rocky area in northeastern Daraa. It said the capture would have a domino effect on other parts east of Daraa and cut rebel supply lines.

As a result, many of these Syrians now feel that the "safest place is the border with Israel because the regime and Russian airplanes can not strike the area near the Israeli border", said Kiwan.

On its Facebook account, the of "Zulfiqar Brigade" militia said on Tuesday that they, along with soldiers of the Syrian regime army, were now at "the center of Busra al-Harir, in the eastern countryside of Daraa".

Government news agency SANA said the strikes were a prelude "before military units advance into the southeastern quarter of the city".

Around 650,000 Syrian refugees are registered with the UNHCR in Jordan, but the government estimates twice that number are in the country and supporting the displaced population is challenging. The Observatory said Israeli jets flew over the Golan Heights and targeted suspected weapons depots for Iranian-backed militias near the Damascus airport.

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