Reasons Supreme Court Upheld Trump's Immigration Pause

Rep. Salud Carbajal, right speaks to protesters outside the Supreme Court in Washington on Tuesday

Rep. Salud Carbajal, right speaks to protesters outside the Supreme Court in Washington on Tuesday

The US Supreme Court, winding down its nine-month term, will issue rulings this week in its few remaining cases including a major one on the legality of President Donald Trump's ban on people from five Muslim-majority nations entering the country.

The ruling was one of a string of 5-4 decisions this term in which the justices on the right reasserted themselves, after the addition of Trump-nominated Justice Neil Gorsuch a year ago restored a conservative majority.

NPR's Nina Totenberg has full coverage of the court's decision in the travel ban case here.

The order was the third version of a ban on entrants from specific countries, most of which have populations that are predominantly Muslim. "We have to be tough and we have to be safe and we have to be secure", Trump said in a meeting with Republican members of Congress at the White House.

Squarely within the scope of presidential authority - that is Chief Justice John Roberts writing in a 5-4 Supreme Court decision today. The views expressed therein are not necessarily those of, its sponsors or advertisers. For the most part, those from Syria, Libya, Iran, Yemen, Somalia, North Korea, and Venezuela are not allowed to enter the United States to live, work, or visit. The Supreme Court had allowed it to go largely into effect last December while the legal challenge continued.

Sotomayor noted the campaign statements and anti-Muslim videos and comments the president shared on Twitter, including one titled "Muslim Destroys a Statue of Virgin Mary!"

Ellison likened the 5-4 ruling in favor of the travel ban ruling to infamous decisions in the court's history, including one that allowed Japanese internment camps during World War II and another codifying the "separate but equal" doctrine of racial segregation.

An appeals court in Virginia takes up the matter and also finds that it is unconstitutional.

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Democratic Sen. Chris Coons says the Supreme Court's ruling that President Donald Trump's travel ban is constitutional "doesn't mean that it's right, that it's justified or that it reflects America's values". On immigration and national security matters, the court has historically deferred to the executive branch of government.

The Roberts Court is historically unusual in that none of the justices has ever held elected office; the experience gap contributes to an impression that they are naive about the way their decisions affect and distort the political system. The ride-sharing company won a court case to continue operating after London's transport authority said it was not "fit and proper".

Chad initially was on the list of countries targeted by Mr Trump that was announced in September, but he removed it on April 10. Afurious Trump bashed the courts and his own Justice Department, but was forced to recast the ban again. It also indefinitely banned the entry of Syrian refugees to the United States and imposed a four-month ban on refugees from elsewhere in the world.

It's not clear how or if the travel ban will affect the Conrad 30 J-1 visa waiver, which allows global medical students to stay in the United States after residency for three years if they work in a rural or urban community where there is a physician shortage.

Since Trump took office in January 2016, US foreign policy has reflected the more protectionist and security-focused values of the administration that followed former president Barack Obama. "When I'm governor, Donald Trump will know his hate has no place in IL, and I will protect our immigrant families and fight back against Trump's bigoted agenda at every turn".

Those restrictions were not challenged in court.

Meanwhile, the Federation for American Immigration Reform, a conservative group that supports tighter immigration policies, heralded the Supreme Court decision, calling it "a great victory for the security of the American people and the rule of law".

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