Nintendo's NES Classic Returns Today, And With A Wireless Controller Option

Nintendo’s NES Classic returns to stores after massive hype in limited run, and it’s going fast

The Nintendo NES Classic Is Finally Back in Stock. Here's How You Can Get One

When Nintendo first released the NES Classic Edition in November 2016, it did not make enough to meet demand and ultimately discontinued the mini console rather than making more.

It's not clear when the new controller will start shipping, but you can preorder now for $24.99.

In the United States, the 2018 NES Classic will go on sale on June 29 and not before.

The NES Classic edition was relaunched on Friday, June 29, 2018 at 12am ET.

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Instead of playing games off of cartridges, the Nintendo NES Classic comes with 30 preinstalled titles, including many hits like Super Mario Bros., The Legend of Zelda, and Metroid.

The NES Classic has come with shortages due to its enormous popularity, meaning that it quickly gets sold out nearly everywhere when it's available, but now Destructoid has reported that the console has indeed returned to stores today, so it may be the time to run out and nab one. We suggest being careful when purchasing the system from Walmart regardless, as we had multiple orders canceled when attempting to purchase the SNES Classic through the store's site previous year.

Available for $59.99, the NES Classic Edition brings back mid-1980s nostalgia for gamers. Retail sites such as Amazon has begun listing the highly popular retro console early on Friday. No, you didn't misread that, the NES Classic is back in stock.

These retailers are also going to accommodate customers who will be purchasing the NES Classic via their physical stores. A dedicated 2.4 GHz wireless connection is provided by a dongle which plugs directly into the NES Classic. The product page will likely be updated as soon as stock is available. This gives you ample opportunity to pick one up, even if units are rapidly sold out. The fact that it comes with an old-school NES controller is just icing on the cake. It is available not just online, but in many brick and mortar stores as well.

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