Trump told what will speak with Putin

A general city view of Helsinki Finland where US President Donald Trump and Russia President Vladimir Putin will meet is seen

Trump told what will speak with Putin

As reported 5.UA Russian President Vladimir Putin will meet with U.S. President Donald trump in the capital of Finland - Helsinki on 16 July.

"It should be noted that real panic isn't here but across the ocean", the presenter said, adding the fact that bunker sales in the USA have risen since Mr Trump's election.

Russian Federation and the United States have confirmed their respective presidents Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump will hold a full-fledged summit in Finland's capital Helsinki on July 16, widely seen as a signal of the two countries' willingness to start mending their worsening relations.

"In a statement issue earlier this week, Kremlin had said, "(The) two leaders will discuss the current state and prospects of further development of the Russian-US relations and also vital issues of the global agenda". "Putin was pretty clear with me about it and my response was we're going to have to agree to disagree on Ukraine".

"He wants to understand the Russian position, but, more importantly, he wants Putin to understand our position", Bolton said. "I'm sure the president will want to pursue it", said Bolton. "The US does not want, that someone interfered in the elections".

"The main rationale to have a bilateral meeting between Trump and Putin: let them discuss these issues and see exactly where there might be room for progress, or where they might find there's no room at all", he added. "We may even talk about saving millions of dollars on weapons.we are building a force like nobody's ever seen before", he told reporters when asked about his meeting with Mr Putin next month.

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US President Donald Trump, yesterday said: "This attack shocked the conscience of our nation and filled our hearts with grief". Ramos has been charged with five counts of first-degree murder in one of the deadliest attacks on journalists in USA history.

"I think controlled confrontation is the maximum that can be achieved in Russian-U.S. relations in the next few years".

Bolton also was asked about North Korea when he was on "Fox News Sunday" and had an amusing story about his interaction with leader Kim Jong-Un.

On reports that US intelligence agencies believe North Korea has sought to hide its nuclear program just weeks after Trump and Kim met in Singapore to talk about disarmament, Bolton insisted that "there's nobody involved in this discussion with North Korea in the administration who is overburdened by naivete".

The Kremlin leader, on the other hand, can expect to gain a great deal from a Russia-US summit.

A new strategy for the US, Russia and Iran in the civil war in Syria could emerge from the summit.

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