At least 5 dead in Capital Gazette shooting, suspect in custody

At least 5 dead in Capital Gazette shooting, suspect in custody

At least 5 dead in Capital Gazette shooting, suspect in custody

Ramos held a long-standing grudge against the The Capital. A court document classifies him as "recalcitrant".

Trump said he is thinking of the survivors and the families of the "horrific, horrible" murders. The chief also said that no one else was involved in the attack.

There's food. Now, the Baltimore Sun, part of Tronc with the Capital Gazette, is helping by reporting on the tragedy for its neighbors.

Prosecutor Wes Adams did not give any details about the escape plan.

Wes Adams said that there were two entrances to the office.

"Mr. Ramos was obsessively angry about this particular story", McCarthy said. Following the statement were the names of those killed in the shooting. Ramos, who represented himself in the suit, lost both the initial case and an appeal in 2015.

Altomare said the suspect had a history with county police and had made threats online in 2013.

Ramos appeared at the hearing via video feed.

"This person was prepared to shoot people".

Police had not released the name of the suspect in custody and tweeted that the suspect not been booked.

Capital Gazette survivor Anthony Messenger described the situation during the shooting leading up to his viral tweet.

President Donald Trump said Friday that the attack filled Americans' hearts with grief.

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On Saturday, the 5:30 p.m. Eucharist at St. Anne's Episcopal Church in downtown will be offered for the victims.

The surviving staff members rallied together to publish Friday's edition of The Capital, just hours after a gunman shot his way inside the paper's office in Annapolis, Maryland.

"Tomorrow this page will return to its steady goal of offering our readers informed opinion about the world around them, that they might be better citizens", the page read. Mourners carried signs that read "We are heartbroken" and "Annapolis Strong".

Memorial services for two of the five victims killed in a shooting at the Maryland newspaper have been scheduled for next week.

Phil Davis, the Capital Gazette's crime and court reporter, began tweeting about the incident after he was safely away from the building. "I write about this stuff - not necessarily to this extent, but shootings and death - all the time", he said.

Two law enforcement sources said his fingerprints appeared to have been altered, which made it hard to identify him, but one law enforcement source said he was identified through facial recognition software. The paper, like any publication, had amassed some disgruntled readers, he said, but "a lot of the times it was just people calling us 'The Crapital, ' getting upset at how we portrayed anything".

Ramos, 38, was the subject of a 2011 article by paper titled "Jarrod wants to be your friend" after he pleaded guilty to criminal harassment.

The court agreed the article was accurate and based on public records, the document showed.

Authorities say Ramos, who was apprehended, used a shotgun and smoke or flash-bang grenades in the attack.

All were journalists except for Smith who was a sales assistant, police said.

Police also said reports that the suspect had damaged his fingers to keep them from checking his finger prints are not true, CBS2 reported.

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