Thailand boys face months before escaping the cave

Missing Thai Soccer Team Miraculously Found Alive After Nine Days Lost In Cave

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Chiang Rai provincial Governor Narongsak Osatanakorn said the 13 were in the process of being rescued, but he cautioned that they were not out of danger yet.

"We will take care of them until they can move", Narongsak told reporters, who applauded at the news, according to Agency France-Presse. "But the operation isn't over", he said in comments broadcast across Thailand.

The boys aged 11-16, and their 25-year-old coach, reportedly entered the Tham Luang Nang Non cave in Chiang Rai province more than a week ago.

Massive rescue efforts that involved the country's version of the Navy seals, were hampered when heavy rains flooded and blocked access to chambers where the group was thought to be.

On Monday, the boys' families received news they had been praying for all along.

There also likely wouldn't be any living creatures native to the cave that the group could catch and eat, White said, so any food they ate would likely have been brought in with them a week ago.

Hours earlier on Monday, rescue divers had been trying to get through a narrow passage in the Tham Luang Nang Non cave in Chiang Rai.

"Supplying them on site may face challenges depending on how hard the dives are", Mr Mirza, co-ordinator of the US National Cave Rescue Commission.

Worldwide experts from the United States, Australia, China and Britain have assisted in the search-and-rescue efforts.

It is believed Mr Volanthen and Mr Stanton are part of the South and Mid Wales Cave Rescue Team and helped rescue a trapped diver in France in 2010.

Rescue teams in Thailand have found 12 missing boys and their assistant coach inside a cave complex, and they were showing "signs of life" nine days after going missing, Chiang Rai province's governor said on Monday. "Brilliant", a member of the multinational rescue team, speaking in English, tells the boys. So they're being fully immersed in water, wearing what we know is a full face mask or maybe even some sort of commercial dive helmet to make it a little less stressful for them.

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"As of now, we have not yet reached Pattaya Beach", he said.

However, the Underwater Demolition Assault Unit (UDAU), colloquially known as the Thai Navy SEALs, were able to discover the boys' location and reach them safely.

"Monday. Monday. You have been here 10 days".

As the days wore on with the group missing, distraught family members had placed fruit, desserts, sugary drinks and candies on mats near the cave as an offering to the spirits which some people believe protect the cave and the forest.

On June 23, the boys and their coach went to explore a cave in northern Thailand after soccer practice.

One possible option floated by rescuers is to teach the group how to use diving gear, then leading them out of the cave that way.

The nurse and doctor are reportedly dive certified, and will swim up to meet the trapped soccer team alongside the Royal Thai SEALs.

He said other efforts will continue, such as draining water from the cave and exploring the mountainside for shafts and other entrances to the caverns below.

In addition to the divers, teams have been working to pump out water as well as divert groundwater.

And although officials say the group has been found, there are still challenges for the rescuers to get the boys and their coach out, since high water levels and perilous passageways are still between the two parties.

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