Facebook’s latest screw-up unblocked people from users’ blocked lists


Facebook bug unblocked 'blocked'

But if you sent a post to "friends of friends" or a wider audience, blocked people could see them.

Blocking someone on Facebook invariably prevents them from seeing posts in a blocker's profile; connecting as a friend, or starting Messenger conversations. "For example, pictures shared with friends of friends". Chinese phone maker Huawei said Wednesday, June 6, that it has never collected or stored Facebook user data, after the social media giant acknowledged it shared such data with Huawei and other manufacturers. The company has started notifying users of the glitch on Monday, July 2, it announced in a post, adding that it has been fixed, and everyone has been blocked once again.

The bug did not reinstate any Facebook friendships, and the majority of those affected only had one person unblocked.

"We know that the ability to block someone is important - and we'd like to apologize and explain what happened", Egan added.

If you've ever blocked anyone on Facebook, the social network may have accidentally "unblocked" that person on your behalf.

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Those who were affected by the bug reportedly received a notification from Facebook informing them.

Facebook has contacted the users that were impacted by the issue.

When Mashable reached out for more information on the bug, a Facebook representative informed us that the bug was random and global, affecting users from all over.

Blocking someone also automatically "unfriends" the person. The scale and scope of that bug was much larger than this one and affected a whopping 14 million users over several days in May.

It's worth noting that the issue didn't give previously blocked users full access to someone's account.

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