Rebel-held Syrian town to accept Assad's rule: pro-government media

UN Warns of Humanitarian Catastrophe if Fighting Escalates in Daraa, Syria

Syrian forces press offensive in south as rebels consider truce terms and civilians flee

Insurgent negotiators had held meetings with Russian Federation to try to agree on a deal for all of Deraa province to come back under government sovereignty, but without the army or police entering the area. Opposition negotiators said they would only accept a deal that made Jordan a guarantor for the safety of Deraa province's 800,000 civilians and added that continued air strikes during the talks undermined trust in the process.

After retaking control of eight towns under Russia-mediated deals on Saturday, Assad's regime now controls more than half of Daraa province, up from just 30 percent before the escalation, according to the Observatory.

Syrian's main opposition group, the Syrian Negotiation Commission (SNC), implored the worldwide community to speak out against the violence, saying it should be clear to members of the United Nations security council that Russian Federation and Iran "cannot be trusted to negotiate peace, since they are violating the agreement they themselves made".

The strategic southwestern corner of Syria had been under a so-called de-escalation agreement reached between Russian Federation, the United States and Jordan in July of a year ago, but the truce has unraveled in recent weeks.

Talks to end the Syrian government's offensive on Deraa province collapsed on Saturday after rebels rejected a demand to surrender by regime ally Russian Federation. She said her office has received reports that Islamic State fighters, in control of the Yarmouk Basin area in the western part of Daraa governorate, are not allowing civilians to leave the areas.

Separately, SANA reported that foreign-backed militants in the villages of Um Walad, Jbib and al-Aslaha in Dara'a's eastern countryside had agreed to lay down arms and reconcile with the Syrian government.

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Israel has been providing aid to southwestern Syria since 2013, including treating chronically ill children who have no access to hospitals, facilitating the construction of clinics in Syria, and supplying hundreds of tons of food, medicine, and clothing to war-ravaged villages across the border. Photo courtesy of Bosra Press.

The report added that the Jordanian government is now mediating the talks between the Russian reconciliation delegation and Syrian opposition. "And, that is a real great concern that people will end up unable to escape bombardments and shelling and ground and airstrikes", she said.

A war monitoring group said the offensive has uprooted more than 120,000 civilians in the southwest since it began last week.

"We will continue to defend our borders".

On Saturday, one day before the tumultuous meeting in Busra a-Sham, the Crisis Administration's civilian delegation pulled out of the ongoing negotiations in protest of a "lack of confidence" in Russian negotiators, according to a written statement released by the delegation's president on Sunday.

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