Manchester protest over Donald Trump's visit to UK

Media playback is unsupported on your device                  Media caption London'Trump Baby balloon sparks debate

Media playback is unsupported on your device Media caption London'Trump Baby balloon sparks debate

Trump attacked British Prime Minister Theresa May's recently released plan for the U.K.'s departure from the European Union, saying the plan-which keeps Britain closely aligned with the E.U. on certain regulatory matters-would "probably kill" the chance of a trade deal with the U.S.

Standing next to May during a joint news conference at the British Prime Minister's official country house, Chequers, Trump announced he had at least started to apologize earlier in the morning.

Protesters took the streets in London to demonstrate against the president's visit - and in Parliament Square, a Trump baby blimp was raised up in the air. It would see Britain follow European Union rules on goods to protect cross-border trade and avoid checks on the Irish frontier, while enabling it to control migration and sign new non-EU trade deals, including in services.

Trump went as far as to suggest that a "soft" Brexit could endanger any unilateral trade deal reached between the United States and the U.K. His interview likewise came after May recently announced a path forward on Brexit that met criticism from members of her own government, including Boris Johnson, who resigned as foreign secretary on Monday.

One of the organisers behind "Baby Trump", Kevin Smith, said it was devised by a group of friends who got together in a pub.

Their meeting lasted almost an hour and was the final engagement in Mr Trump's two-day working visit to the UK. "I didn't criticize the prime minister", Trump falsely claimed.

However, he doubled down on his comments about Johnson, before adding that "this incredible woman right here is doing a fantastic job".

"I would have done it much differently", Trump said.

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And he said: "Dear America, appreciate your allies - after all you don't have that many ". Trump, Smith said, "upended world order in the way that no president has".

Before his meeting with May, Trump had already dismayed her team by breaching diplomatic protocol and criticizing her handling of Brexit negotiations in his interview with the Sun. "Unfortunately, there was a story that was done which was generally fine but it didn't put in what I said about the prime minister and I said a tremendous thing".

In a statement following the publication of the Sun interview, the White House press secretary said Mr Trump "likes and respects Prime Minister May very much" and he "never said anything bad about her". I don't take questions from CNN", and then called on "John Roberts of Fox. Look at what is going on in London", Trump said, before referring directly to Khan: "I think he has done a very bad job on terrorism.

Sam Gyimah, the junior minister for universities, science and research, took to Twitter on Friday to ask the visiting statesman: "Where are your manners, Mr President?"

With its straw-blond hair, questionable face tan and unmistakably out-of-proportion hands, a blimp meant to depict President Donald Trump as a screaming baby flew outside the Parliament building in London Friday.

He also said he "used to love London" but now chooses not to visit the city. I haven't been there in a long time. I'm sorry the press didn't choose a better headline and I really did say nice things about you is less direct.

The president arrived in the United Kingdom on Thursday but is largely circumventing the capital and the massive protests against him.

Trump spoke out against the balloon and against London mayor Sadiq Khan, who approved its launch. Plans for Trump's two-day visit largely avoid London, where he spent just a few hours overnight at the American ambassador's residence in central Regent's Park.

"I think he has not been hospitable to a government that is very important".

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