Republicans mull curbing Trump after Putin summit

Sarah Sanders attempted to clean up Trump’s week of Russia controversies. She only made it worse

Sarah Sanders attempted to clean up Trump’s week of Russia controversies. She only made

Plenty of US presidents have created commotion in their travels overseas, but none as much as President Donald Trump.

One day after his half-hearted attempt to swell the growing outcry over his conduct at Monday's summit with Putin, Trump once again denied something that the United States intelligence community has unequivocally stated: Russian Federation is still trying to interfere in our elections.

Trump said he had been "very strong on the fact that we can't have meddling, we can't have any of that". Since then, Trump has said he accepts the findings of the USA intelligence community that Russian Federation did interfere.

CNN's Brian Stelter reacted with exultant joy when reporters banded together against White House press secretary Sarah Sanders at the daily briefing Wednesday.

Meanwhile, Sanders told reporters Wednesday, "The president and his administration is working hard to make sure Russian Federation doesn't meddle in our elections as previously stated".

"I think if he admits that there was meddling in the election, that delegitimizes his presidency", Hostin said.

Trump also noted that he was "very strong" on Putin during a private meeting at the summit and suggested that his stance was firmer than his predecessor's.

"The sentence should have been: "I don't see any reason why I wouldn't" or "why it wouldn't be Russia".

Sarah Sanders attempted to clean up Trump’s week of Russia controversies. She only made it worse

"I said the word "would" instead of 'wouldn't, '" Trump told reporters.

"President Putin knows that better than anybody, he understands it and he's not happy about it", he added. We're not going to have it.

Trump's latest comments on Russian Federation come just a day after he was forced to issue an emergency statement after Monday's disastrous joint press conference with Vladimir Putin in Helsinki.

"My people came to me - Dan Coats came to me, some others - they said they think it's Russian Federation. He (Putin) feels strongly about and I feel strongly about it, so that's good". "It is truly unbelievable", Clapper said on CNN Monday, after Trump's press conference.

Kimmel continued, "Now, I've never heard of Trump Derangement Syndrome - I'm not a doctor - but if it is a syndrome named after Donald Trump, I assume it's sexually transmitted".

On Tuesday, Trump walked back his earlier remarks and read a statement saying he misspoke, adding that he had accepted the intelligence community's conclusion.

Russian President Vladimir Putin offered to allow the U.S. access to Russians accused of election meddling in return for interviews of Americans accused by the Kremlin of unspecified crimes.

It was used by Rand Paul, the Republican senator for Kentucky, earlier in the week as he became one of the few politicians to defend Mr Trump's election meddling comments. "And that's the way it's going to be", Trump said.

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