Trump tapping $12B to help farmers affected by tariffs

President Trump on EU Trade Negotiations: Better Late Than Never

Trump to announce support for farmers caught in trade disputes

Under the tariffs, China's government has been pursuing measures to reduce domestic reliance on American soybeans.

"Tariffs are the greatest!".

Many US farmers are critical of Donald Trump's tariffs and the damage done to commodity prices and markets but appreciated the administration's contribution to farmers as casualties in the trade war.

Having already laid the groundwork for a further US$200 billion worth of further tariffs in early July, Trump said last week that he was willing to impose tariffs on all Chinese products imported to the United States, with the total value of good targeted reaching US$500 billion.

Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wisc., lamented the Trump administration's increasing interference in the economy.

In response to steep tariffs imposed by the Trump administration, China has responded with tariffs of its own on American goods. Rand Paul (R-KY) tweeted. These Chinese tariffs have hit farmers particularly hard.

But some Republicans disagree with the president. "America's farmers don't want to be paid to lose - they want to win by feeding the world", Sasse said in a statement.

The administration said the program was just temporary.

The plan comes as President Donald Trump is scheduled to speak at the Veterans of Foreign Wars national convention in Kansas City in the heart of the nation's farm country.

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"This trade war is cutting the legs out from under farmers, and White House's "plan" is to spend $12 billion on gold crutches", Mr. Sasse said.

In fields across the country and even in some Republicans offices in Washington, the reaction was similar: It's not enough. Chuck Grassley, a longtime pro-Trump stalwart, had his doubts while calling the bailout money 'encouraging for the short term'.

A "trade promotion program" will work to find new markets for USA agricultural products.

China, the European Union, Canada and Mexico have all been hit by USA levies on some of their imports, including steel and aluminum, and have retaliated by placing their own tariffs on US agricultural exports, targeting farm states that are politically important to the president. It's as simple as that'.

In a written submission before Tuesday's hearing, the US Chamber of Commerce expressed its staunch opposition to tariff escalation, saying it would be US businesses and customers who would foot the bill of the "hidden, regressive taxes". "The farmers will be better off than they ever were". However, our concerns still lie in a lengthy trade war that will cause long-term, irreparable harm to US agriculture.

Republican senators Tuesday condemned the Trump administration's $12 billion bailout plan for farmers hit by crippling tariffs on their goods. He wrote in the op-ed that ran in the USA Today, "The president has instructed me to craft a strategy to support our farmers in the face of retaliatory tariffs".

The president tweeted his view on Tuesday that 'tarrifs are the greatest!' He called the European Union "terrible" and said the US was losing billions of dollars in a trade deficit.

Juncker won't have a "great deal" or offer in hand when he arrives at the White House but will instead be trying to sound out Trump on approaches to resolving the dispute, Bloomberg reported, citing a European official who asked for anonymity to preview the meeting.

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