Uber, Lyft suspend driver who secretly live streamed hundreds of passengers

St Louis Uber driver live-streamed hundreds of passengers

Uber suspends driver who streamed videos of passengers online without their permission

Jason Gargac live-streamed passengers' journeys on video-sharing site Twitch, where viewers would comment on their behaviour and appearance.

Gargac isn't the first Uber driver to create online videos featuring his ride-hailing passengers.

Twitch did not respond to the Post-Dispatch's requests for comment for the story, but said in a statement after publication that the service would remove content in response to complaints from people who say their privacy was violated.

Gargac, a bearded Army veteran, rarely specifies that he is streaming live but a few passengers who noticed were told he was recording for safety, the Post-Dispatch reported after viewing dozens of hours of footage.

While Missouri law allows a person to film another without their consent-so Gargac was not breaking the law-Uber has nonetheless chose to suspend him from their app, calling the revelations "troubling", reports Business Insider.

In some instances, the passengers confirmed their full names to Gargac during the broadcast without him ever informing them that they were being recorded. "I'm embarrassed. We got in an Uber at 2 a.m.to be safe, and then I find out that because of that, everything I said in that auto is online and people are watching me". In Missouri, where the rides took place, only one party needs to give permission to record, which means the taping was legal.

"I feel violated", one anonymous passenger told the Post-Dispatch. "It makes me sick". "In regards to our policies, under our Community Guidelines and Terms of Service, we do not allow people to share content that invades others' privacy".

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Garcac's Twitch channel was taken down over the weekend.

Uber and Lyft have placed one of their drivers on suspension after finding out he had been filming customers and streaming the footage online.

Almost all of the driver's 700 rides in the St. Louis area were recorded online, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

"The troubling behaviour in the videos is not in line with our community guidelines", it said in a statement.

The Twitch spokesman said the company does not comment on specific cases.

Passengers contacted by the Post-Dispatch said they did not see it. "Recording passengers without their consent is illegal in some states, but not Missouri". "I didn't like it", he said.

Hundreds of Uber and Lyft passengers in Missouri were reportedly livestreamed without their knowledge over the past four months, and one media privacy expert says it was probably legal.

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