Egyptian zoo ‘paints donkey’ to look like zebra

Is this a zebra or donkey? The zoo says zebra but the visitor says donkey

Is this a zebra or donkey? The zoo says zebra but the visitor says donkey

His comment came as the Egyptian news site sent images of the animal to a local vet named "Dr N", who pointed out that zebras usually have a black nose and mouth area.

Mahmoud Sarhani said: "When we went to the zebra side, there was only one zebra". He shared a picture of the "zebra" on Facebook and it went viral, reports Daily Mail.

As well as being smaller than usual and with pointy ears, it appears the "zebra" has some black smudges on its face.

A newly opened animal sanctuary in Cairo, Egypt allegedly painted stripes on a donkey in order to fool visitors into thinking the animal was a zebra.

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And thirdly, even a rudimentary glance upon the animal would tell you the stripes look very unusual and smudged on the face, not like the majestic zebra we all know and love. Zebra stripes are straighter and more consistent, they said.

The animals are at Cairo's International Garden municipal park.

Other zoos have also been accused of trying to gray the area between zebras and donkeys.

"The first time we used paint but it didn't look good", the zoo's proprietor told Reuters at the time. In 2013, a Henan province zoo in China tried to pass off a Tibetan mastiff as a lion, and in 2017 another one put inflatable penguins in their enclosure.

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