Epic Will Keep Fortnite Off Google's Store to Make More Money

Fortnite Mobile Won't Be Available on Google Play Store, EPIC Reveals Why

Fortnite Is Ditching the Google Play Store

"On open platforms like PC, Mac, and Android, Epic's goal is to bring its games directly to customers". There's a significant financial motivation to bypass the Google Play Store as well.

Last week, we heard a rumor that Fortnite for Android might be an exclusive for owners of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, at least at first.

Source code deciphering done by some XDA Developers users (EDIT: Apparently Reddit user thesbros) found some very interesting factoids about the Fortnite release on Android.

Fortnite is a platform-driving game that has proven it can generate hundreds of millions of dollars a month, and even on mobile Fortnite Battle Royale is driving multiple millions of dollars monthly from in-app purchases. In that context, developer Epic's decision to offer the game as a direct download on the web instead of a conventional installation via the Google Play Store platform is a huge problem.

On Android, would-be Fortnite players will need to navigate to Epic's website to download an APK that will prompt users to adjust their security settings specific to that one file and then download the game in full.

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Epic Games has announced that it will not be using Google Play to distribute Fortnite when it becomes available on the Android operating system. While Fortnite made its mobile debut on iOS earlier this year, Apple is notoriously more strict about games hosted outside of its official App Store and that's likely why the game took a more traditional route on iOS. Users of Android devices are targeted en masse when it comes to new games - especially when those games are inevitably massively popular. For one, Epic has a storied history of "direct to customer" distribution, especially with Fortnite.

But so far, Android users have been unable to get in on the action.

Mr Sweeney said Google's 30% "store tax" was a "high cost in a world where game developers' 70% must cover all the cost of developing, operating and supporting their games".

The company's CEO says that Google's 30 percent share in IAP revenues is a lot considering it only uses the store for distributing its game and handling the payment distribution. There is now no set date for when Fortnite Android will become available, but based on the game's massive popularity, it's sure to be a hit. That's reasonable for consoles, but not for open platforms like Android, according to Sweeney. Just because the game will eventually come to all Android devices doesn't mean it won't be a timed exclusive.

Mr Sweeney said gamers had proved they were "able to adopt safe software practices".

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