Ohio judge orders chatty defendant's mouth taped for sentencing

Cuyahoga County Judge John Russo ordered bailiffs to tape Franklyn Williams&rsquo mouth shut during his sentencing hearing

Fox 8 News Cuyahoga County Judge John Russo ordered bailiffs to tape Franklyn Williams’ mouth shut during his sentencing hearing

A judge in Cleveland ordered two pieces of tape to be placed over a defendant's mouth because he would not stop talking during sentencing Tuesday.

Williams was eventually sentenced to 24 years in prison for agravated robbery, kidnapping, theft, misuse of credit cards and having weapons under a disability.

Russo ordered his deputies to place a piece of red tape over Williams's mouth.

"No", Williams responded. "Because you're trying to take my life, Judge, and you're not letting me tell you what's going on".

A black man was forced to have his mouth taped over because the judge presiding over his court case wanted to stop him from talking.

Judge Russo later told Fox News: "I will say that over my time handling his four cases, Mr Williams, I know for a fact, was someone who liked to speak".

Six sheriff's deputies walk up to Williams and as Williams tries to get up, one of the officers is shown forcing him back down. "You got it?" the judge said.

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Williams ignores the threats and carries on speaking, which is when Judge Russo orders for him to be gagged. Fed up with his continued pleading, Judge Russo angrily stated, "Mr. Williams, I'm the judge of the matter, shut your mouth, and I'll tell you when you can talk!"

Later, the frustrated judge asked: "Does the comment, 'quit talking, ' do you understand that?" "I'm getting no justice, this is not a fair trial".

"Everybody has the right to go on the record with my court reporter".

Russo proceeds to tell Williams that he would like to hear from the defendant's attorneys first and then will give him a chance to speak, but Williams continues to talk.

Williams is angry his lawyer didn't do more to speak up for him.

Some on social media weren't so sure, and said they felt it was wrong.

But he won an appeal, and retrial, after the court accepted he had been misinformed about when he would be eligible for release if he admitted the offenses.

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