Apple joins clampdown on conspiracy theorist Alex Jones

Apple drops Infowars and other podcasts from iTunes

Apple removes podcasts by Infowars' Alex Jones

Apple, Facebook, and Spotify have removed the work of Alex Jones from their platforms in a sweeping crackdown on the popular conspiracy theorist.

As such, Monday morning saw Apple, Spotify, and Facebook remove his podcasts and pages from their content rosters while citing hate speech violations.

In a statement to Buzzfeed Sunday night, Apple claimed the company aims to provide a safe environment for all users.

Facebook removed four videos from the pages last week after determining that they violated its hate speech and bullying policies.

Alex Jones has been removed from Facebook, but still has an opportunity to appeal to restore his pages on the social network, and his channel is down on YouTube. The source said Jones received a 90-day moratorium on livestreaming for violating its policies, and that he then tried to promote his livestreams on other YouTube sites, prompting a permanent ban.

Well known for pushing conspiracy theories, Infowars has not only claimed that Sandy Hook was a hoax, but promoted a theory that the moon landings were "fake" and that the 9/11 attacks were a so-called "false flag" (a covert government operation created to deceive citizens).

Jones faces defamation lawsuits filed by the families of the Sandy Hook victims in Texas and another filed in CT that included an Federal Bureau of Investigation agent as a plaintiff.

A representative said that Spotify took seriously reports of hate content.

Jones had been warned that repeated violations of Facebook's community standards would result in having his pages unpublished.

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According to Facebook, the takedown has nothing to do with Jones spreading false news, but for posting content that glorified violence and used dehumanizing language to describe transgender people, Muslims, and immigrants. Facebook did not immediately respond Monday asking what would happen after the 30 days are up, and why it hadn't taken action earlier.

Internet users attempting to view the Alex Jones Channel videos were greeted with the notice saying, "this account has been terminated for violating YouTube's Community Guidelines".

Links to "RealNews with David Knight" by Infowars remains on Apple's podcast apps.

A representative for Apple could not be reached for further comment, but Infowars-branded podcasts like The Alex Jones Show and War Room are now inaccessible via iTunes.

The Infowars website and podcasts focus on conspiracy theories.

On Monday, Facebook and YouTube pulled down content from Jones, who had amassed 1.6 million and 2.4 million followers on the platforms, respectively, while Apple pulled five of six podcasts for Infowars from iTunes and the Podcast app.

Mr. Watson likened American news outlets and social media outlets to the Russian and Chinese governments and accused them of censorship.

On Monday, the Swedish company went a step further and banned his programme altogether.

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