McDonald's new McGold Card contest offers winners free food for life

The Mc Gold Card Is Real And It Could Get You Free McDonald’s For Life

The Mc Gold Card Is Real And It Could Get You Free McDonald’s For Life

(MCD) is giving away one McGold Card away in a contest that assures the victor "free food for life".

According to the contest website, the victor will receive the new McGold Card that will entitle him to receive McDonald's free food for life, up to two meals per week for 50 years.

No matter how you might feel about McDonald's, the chance to get free McDonald's for life is a hell of a deal.

"The McGold Card isn't some bedtime story, it's real", Ancient Aliens co-executive producer and "Ancient Astronaut Theorist" Giorgio Tsoukalos assures viewers as a brief clip of Bigfoot running with the coveted card is shown.

The entries into the contest are limited to one per day. But this contest brings forth the opportunity of the rest of us non-multi billionaires to own one.

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This marks the first time McDonald's has ever given away a McGold Card to a member of the public.

"Mobile Order & Pay is just one of the latest ways we are transforming convenience and value for our customers", said Hashim Amin, Head of U.S. Digital at McDonald's. Rob Frankel, a Los Angeles-based branding strategy expert told CNBC "This is going to cost them less than one corporate Christmas party".

To enter the contest, consumers must use McDonald's mobile ordering system. To qualify, you have to download the mobile app, and then place and order and pay for it via the app. Or, you can just have $1,000 bucks added to your other giant cash prize - but what would be the point of that, since you wouldn't be a McGold Card holder? To enter send "an email to with only the date (mm/dd/yy) you are sending the email in the subject line and your first/last name in the body of the email".

This truly is a smart contest on the part of McDonald's. "You have a much better chance of winning a state lottery than picking something like this up".

The victor not only wins the McGold card but will also receive a custom gold-plated phone case. You'll get an email with a game play, which will take you back to the contest website.

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