US Urges UK to Ditch Support for JCPOA

Woody Johnson

Britain Woody Johnson

The United States reimposed stiff economic sanctions on Iran on Monday, ratcheting up pressure on the Islamic Republic despite statements of deep dismay from European allies, three months after President Donald Trump pulled the USA out of the 2015 nuclear deal between Tehran and world powers.

The sanctions are meant to hinder Tehran's acquisition of USA currency; its precious metals trade; bank transactions denominated in the Iranian rial; activities related to Iran's sovereign debt; and the country's automotive sector.

He said Iran needed to make tangible and sustained changes to behave like a normal country.

The sanctions also concern Tehran's automobile and aviation sector, with tougher sanctions-especially an embargo on Iran's oil and banking sectors-to follow by November 4 should the Islamic Republic fail to accommodate President Trump's terms on "WORLD PEACE".

Iran's economy has come under intense strain since U.S. President Donald Trump pulled out of the 2015 nuclear deal that Tehran signed with six world powers and reimposed sanctions that had been eased under the terms of the accord.

The premier said last Tuesday that Iraq - which relies on neighbouring Iran as a source of cheap imports - would reluctantly comply with U.S. sanctions against Tehran that took effect the same day.

The European Union has tried to counteract the effects of the unilateral USA sanctions by launching an updated version of its "Blocking Statue", a measure that seeks to protect European companies doing business in Iran from punitive United States measures.

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He added, "America is turning up the pressure and we want the United Kingdom by our side".

Asked for comment on Johnson's op-ed, the British foreign office referred to comments made last week by Middle East Minister Alistair Burt.

In relevant remarks in April, AEOI Chief Ali Akbar Salehi said his organization enjoys the capability to restore 20-percent uranium enrichment at its Fordo nuclear facility in just 4 days if the 2015 nuclear deal is discarded by the other side.

Under the JCPOA, Iran agreed to limit parts of its peaceful nuclear program in exchange for the removal of all nuclear-related sanctions.

"It's a disloyal attitude towards the honest position of Iran and the blood of the martyrs this country has spilt to defend the land of Iraq" against extremists, said Moujtaba al-Hussein.

Since then, Britain, France and Germany have sought to keep the deal alive, while Trump has prepared new sanctions, saying a broader and more balanced deal is needed.

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