Apple reassures customers after international media reports hack by teen

16 yr old hacks Apple’s main network accessed customers accounts

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The boy accessed Apple's mainframe from his suburban Melbourne home several times over a year because he was a fan of the USA company and dreamed of working there, The Age reports, citing his lawyer.

So why did the teen hack Apple?

The Children's Court heard on Thursday that he had downloaded 90gb of secure files and accessed customer accounts.

The court was told that the teenager believed that he had executed a "flawless" hack, until the knock on the door from the Australian Federal Police.

The teen, who must remain anonymous for legal reasons, was able to access Apple's servers via various methods that hid his identity. The sensitive documents were saved in a folder called "hacky hack hack", the report added.

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His name could not be made public and he will be sentenced next month.

The teenager's lawyer said the reason he hacked into the network was that he was a fan of the iPad and iPhone maker, considered it a "dream" to one day work for the company, and that the defendant was "well-known" in the global hacking community. According to his lawyer, the teen is a well-known figure in the hacking community.

An Apple spokesman said the company's information security personnel "discovered the unauthorized access, contained it, and reported the incident to law enforcement" without commenting further on the specifics of the case.

Seeking to reassure customers after the news of repeated breaches of its network broke yesterday, Apple said that no user data was compromised in the attacks, reports Reuters.

Site highlights each day to your inbox. The AFP exercised a search warrant on the boy's residence and seized two Apple laptops, a mobile phone, and a hard drive. The boy told police that he was a "fan" of the company and wanted to work for Apple when he grew up.

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