Nicki Minaj Awards Travis Scott ‘Ho of the Week’ on Queen Radio

Kylie Jenner went ‘makeup free’ on the cover of Vogue. Not everyone’s buying

Kylie Jenner went ‘makeup free’ on the cover of Vogue. Not everyone’s buying

Tubman's name became a trending topic soon after, though Minaj caught backlash for appearing to compare herself to the famous abolitionist.

Normani was honored that Minaj had her back. "Very jealous person", she said.

"Harriet Tubman had to shake s-t up; Rosa Parks had to shake s-t up". The answer is 12.1 million followers, although in terms of monthly listeners on Spotify she has 32.2 million, making her the 18th biggest artist on the platform at the time of writing. "I fought for streaming services to count toward billboard when alotta niggz stayed quiet".

"Please Leave Harriet Tubman out of this!" Watch that clip here.

While on her show, she called Travis Scott the "hoe n***a of the week".

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After the weekly numbers were released on Sunday (Aug 19) showing that Astroworld artist Travis Scott nabbed the number one spot, Nicki Minaj has been seemingly tweeting erratically blaming her number two spot on nearly everyone but herself.

Nicki also got caught up in some more drama today when the MTV Video Music Awards released the seating arrangements for tonight's show, and it shows her sitting within inches away from Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner.

- La Belle (@thallya_ah) August 19, 2018Nicki Minaj is going to sit in front of Travis Scott & Kylie Jenner tomorrow at the Vmas.

No, no. "A six-month-old has no such power", you might say. "You got your fucking homeboy talking for you and you got your girlfriend selling tour passes". Stop it. Knock it the fuck off.

Yep: that's Nicki Minaj claiming she had the real No.1 album in America, despite officially having the No.2 album in America. "I could have freed a thousand more if only they knew they were slaves." - is often attributed to Tubman. When he spoke with reporters from Us Weekly last night, he said he was in a "good headspace" despite the bad blood with the Queen rapper.

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