Storms help with air pollution, but some parts of Utah still hazy

Air Quality Advisories Extended to Almost All Oregon Counties

Seattle air pollution equivalent to smoking nine cigarettes thanks to wildfire ash

"The coastal areas and Southwest Washington should wake up to clean air (Friday) morning, and the rest of Western Washington will follow shortly behind", according to a Thursday post on the smoke blog.

"We can appreciate how the high activity of wildfires and the amount of smoke in the area can make residents feel uneasy".

Portland, Vancouver B.C. and Seattle were all ranked in the Top 10 for worst air quality, with Portland ranking as high as second on Tuesday morning.

The air quality in King, Kitsap, Pierce, and Snohomish counties is mostly considered "moderate".

People who are sensitive to bad air should be particularly careful.

That said, it's going to take a while for the air to truly clear, according to forecaster Logan Johnson.

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Thick smoke in Denver blocked the view of some of Colorado's famous mountains and prompted an air quality health advisory for the northeastern quarter of the state. They include infants, children, pregnant women and older people, plus people with chronic lung and heart conditions or diabetes.

"Even if you don't have any symptoms today having this kind of exposure really puts you at increased risk in the future", Blagev said. "Keep well-hydrated, it keeps you healthy as well".

NWS officials say everyone may begin to experience health effects. So we have seen comparisons to cities like Beijing and Delhi.

There are more than 500 active wildfires now burning in B.C., bringing the total since April 1 up to 1,925 wildfires.

"We have seen comparisons to cities like Beijing and Dehli, but air pollution there is caused by vehicle exhaust and industrial emissions and has other components to it that are also harmful to human health", she adds.

"The impacts of fire season are being felt in our urban centres, even though you may be kilometres away from the fires", said Horgan.

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