Trump vs Google: Firm replies US President’s rigging allegation

Donald Trump: Google’s news service is rigged against me

Trump Slams Google, Says Bias Against Conservatives 'Will Be Addressed'

Google is not the first tech stalwart to receive criticism from Trump. They also revealed anew his deep-seated frustration over not getting the credit he believes he deserves.

US President Donald Trump has consistently condemned popular media organisations, alleging that they publish "fake news" that is biased, turning to Twitter to convey his words to the public instead. He followed that up with vague threats in Oval Office comments. "This is a very serious situation - will be addressed!"

Trump and Kudlow's comments Tuesday come as technology company leaders, including those from Google, Facebook and Twitter prepare to testify before Congress next week. Trump, without evidence, accused Google of "taking advantage of a lot of people". He has alleged Inc. has a sweetheart deal with the US Postal Service and slammed founder Jeff Bezos's ownership of what Trump calls "the Amazon Washington Post". Trump often points proudly to his cutting of government regulations as a spur for economic gains.

On Google, Trump wrote, "they have it RIGGED, for me & others, so that nearly all stories & news is BAD".

"Fake CNN is prominent".

Some Republican U.S. lawmakers have also raised concerns about social media companies removing content from some conservatives, and have called Twitter's chief executive to testify before a House of Representatives panel on September 5. Illegal? 96% of results on "Trump News" are from National Left-Wing Media, very unsafe.

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Lou Dobbs, a Fox Business Network host and close friend of the president's, highlighted the report on his program on Wednesday. He continued his attack later during the day to add Facebook and Twitter to the pile.

The firm said that "every year, we issue hundreds of improvements to our algorithms to ensure they surface high-quality content in response to users' queries".

Trump's concern is that search results about him appear negative, but that's because the majority of stories about him are negative, Meyers said.

Google - the default search engine of choice for most Americans - is also stifling conservative voices and content, according to a recent media study. The fact that certain publications might appear more frequently than others in the results does not tell us anything why that is the case - and it certainly doesn't prove that results are "rigged". For Trump, fake news represents everything that's critical of his presidency. While some company executives may lean liberal, they have long asserted that their products are without political bias. The Google News system gives weight to how many times a story has been linked to, as well as to how prominently the terms people are searching for show up in the stories, Irvine said.

But it doesn't work that way, he said.

Keep in mind that Google News uses a mix of both generalised algorithms and personalized features to generate results - so to some extent, each person's results will look somewhat different based on their past activity and preferences on Google sites. Trump said in a tweet earlier Tuesday. They are controlling what we can & cannot see. Sinclair is a significant outlet for conservative views. Jones has since said he believes the shooting did occur and has argued that the lawsuit should be dismissed because he was acting as a journalist. Some, like Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, have admitted that their companies, located in the liberal-leaning San Francisco Bay Area, have a leftward political tilt.

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