NY plane quarantined amid reports of ill passengers

Emirates flight 203

Emirates flight 203 has been quarantined at JFK

All we have been told is that there are some sick passengers and that we need to remain on board.

Rapper and reality TV star Vanilla Ice's first class status saved him from a potentially deadly virus on-board a plane bound for NY on Wednesday.

Following interviews and inspections of passengers and crew, 10 people were taken to Jamaica Hospital for treatment while nine others who showed symptoms refused medical treatment.

Emergency vehicles were seen on the runway as it landed.

There were 521 passengers on board Flight EK203, the CDC said. A government source with knowledge of the situation said there was no evidence of security or terror issues, and US officials believe the illness was caused by food poisoning, while passengers suggested it could have been a bad flu virus.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reported earlier that approximately 100 travellers and crew members complained of illness, including cough and fever during the flight. They had their temperatures taken on the tarmac and were then transported by bus to the airport terminal, where they made their way through customs.

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NY media outlets had initially put the number of ill passengers at about 100.

The CDC said in its statement that as many as 100 passengers and crew members reported feeling sick during the flight from Dubai.

Medical officials confirmed Thursday an influenza outbreak caused an Emirates Airlines flight to be quarantined in NY, sending 10 passengers to the hospital. Because the plane also stopped in Mecca, Phillips tweeted that the flu may be the culprit, as Mecca is now experiencing an outbreak.

Eric Phillips, press secretary for New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, tweeted those passengers were still in the hospital Thursday.

The Emirates flight landed at about 9:10 a.m. Wednesday.

Airline representatives did not immediate respond to an email.

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