Sen. Marco Rubio Squares Off with 'InfoWars' Host Alex Jones

Marco Rubio Calls Alex Jones a Clown: ‘Don’t Touch Me Again!’

Marco Rubio calls Alex Jones a 'clown' during heated exchange on Capitol Hill

The conspiracy theorist was a spectator for the Senate Intelligence Committee's hearing with Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey when he happened upon the senator giving interviews to reporters during a break.

Mr. Rubio repeatedly insisted that he didn't know who Mr. Jones was. And he made quite the statement to Republican Senator Marco Rubio of Florida.

Ultimately, Rubio left to go back to the hearing while reporters asked Jones some questions.

"I just patted you nicely", responded Jones, adding "I don't wanna get arrested".

"Beep beep beep beep - I am a Russian bot", the provocateur, Alex Jones, mimed Wednesday, his arms outstretched, his body spinning in circles.

"Oh, he'll beat me up", Jones replied before calling him a "little gangster thug".

Twitter is one of the few social media networks that has allowed Jones and his InfoWars website to keep publishing on its platform. "He's weird", he said, asking aloud who Jones was - a question that appeared created to irk Jones.

While speaking to reporters, Rubio was consistently interrupted by Jones, who claimed that the "Democrats are raping Republicans". Jones called the onetime presidential hopeful a "frat boy" and "little punk" and sounded incredulous as Rubio wondered who he was.

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Jones runs and has promoted conspiracy theories such as one claiming the Sandy Hook elementary school shooting didn't occur.

Darcy's reporting had previously raised questions about tech companies' rules and statements about their battles against misinformation, and whether those were consistent with their allowing Jones and InfoWars to use their platforms.

"I know, but I don't want to be touched by you, I don't know who you are". And Alex Jones appears to have spent the rest of the afternoon mad.

Rubio threw down some tough talk, for a Senator, saying. Jones was temporarily suspended from Facebook, and several of his pages were banned for what Facebook said was hate speech and bullying. Some of those chuckled with Rubio as Jones continued to go off on a tirade.

"I didn't say that", Rubio says.

"You're not going to get arrested". Some of the parents of the victims have sued Jones for mental and emotional distress.

Rubio eventually walked away, dismissing Jones as a "clown".

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