Mirrorless Lexus ES Going On Sale In Japan This October

2019 Lexus ES

Cameras are replacing side mirrors on the Japanese version of the 2019 Lexus ES

In 2016, technology supplier Ichikoh Industries forecasted that by 2023, 29 percent of the Japanese market would have cameras and monitors in place of regular mirrors, about 2.3 million vehicles. Another highlight of the Digital Outer Mirrors over the conventional mirrors is that it is shaped to resist the accumulation of raindrops and snow, leaving the driver's view unaffected.

The wing mirrors are replaced with small cameras mounted on the outside of the auto, with small screens displaying the feed from these cameras on the inside. Lexus claims that they provide better views of the car's surrounding even at night and in inclement weather.

The feed from the new side camera's will be displayed inside on two 5-inch displays that sit on the ES' a-pillars.


According to Lexus, they also give the driver an expanded view of the car's surrounding area by augmenting the display during cornering or reversing.

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The new ES will become the first mirrorless production auto when it goes on sale this October.

The system goes above and beyond by zooming out or enhancing each view depending on when you signal or put the vehicle in reverse.

The seventh-generation Lexus ES will be available with a new exterior camera system, which replaces the traditional set of wing mirrors.

There are various benefits to doing this, from better peripheral vision and better field of view, to reduced wind noise and better aerodynamics.

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