Gunman kills five people in California, then himself

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Petra was the estranged wife of Cazarez, according to the sheriff, who said they were in the middle of divorce proceedings.

He then shot his ex-wife, killing her, according to the sheriff.

The fact that the gunman spared the woman and her baby after commandeering her auto indicates to investigators that he may have had a reason for shooting the people he did, according to authorities. He then headed to a nearby highway where he saw a deputy and pulled over.

The man killed his wife and a man at a trucking company in Bakersfield, California, Kern County Sheriff Donny Youngblood said.

It was unclear what Casarez did for a living, but there may have been some connection between his family and the trucking business, Youngblood said.

Detectives are questioning about 30 witnesses in the case.

"This is the new normal, if you look across the country", Youngblood said, describing the incident as a mass shooting.

Six people, including the shooter, were killed.

Six people died in a short amount of time, he added.

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It isn't clear at this time whether the shooter was an employee at the trucking company.

The deputies learned that the husband had confronted a man and then shot both him and his own wife.

The gunman used a five-shot.50-caliber handgun that had to be reloaded during about half-hour of violence at several locations Wednesday evening. "The suspect then drove his vehicle to Breckenridge Road".

"The suspect killed himself", the sheriff said.

Finally, he carjacked a mother and her child, but they were not injured, according to reports.

'He was shooting rounds at the man and chasing him in a circle, ' witness Manny Meza told via the latimes. 'It's not something I thought I'd ever see. "It appears the suspect targeted each of his victims". Youngblood said it's not known if that was the catalyst for the violence, but he said it carries the implications of domestic violence.

Kern County officials said the deadly spree became after the man and his wife got into a fight with another man at a trucking business. Youngblood presented this account of what allegedly happened.

After being carjacked in their vehicle, the woman and child inside managed to escape.

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