More approve of Mueller than of Trump — CNN Poll

GOP lawmakers may oppose tax bill 2.0 to hold onto seats

Jimmy Carter: To beat Trump, Democrats cannot scare off moderates

The gap has widened to 12 percentage points, up from 7 in July - and largely because of voters in the Midwest.

But Brady's bills are nearly certainly dead on arrival in the Senate, where Democrats have the votes they need to thwart the effort.

Voters give President Trump his lowest grade for honesty since he was elected, saying 60 - 32 percent that he is not honest.

"Every way we are looking at the data, the same general pattern is emerging". "The Midwest is an area that is getting restless about what they hoped was going to occur and what they feel is not occurring". Trump engaged in trade wars overseas with the intent of renegotiating deals. A smaller share take the positive angle on each one, with 28% calling him more in touch, 27% more honest or less corrupt and 22% more intelligent. And some automakers have come out against Trump's moves on vehicle imports, hitting Trump with some tough headlines.

The new Republican proposal also calls for new tax incentives for savings by creating a "universal savings account" for families that could be used for a range of purposes and would allow the tax-free earnings to be more easily withdrawn than is the case with existing retirement accounts. "In terms of brand, they look totally in lockstep with the president-and that has become extremely clear to voters".

These self-inflicted wounds since early summer have helped push Trump's approval ratings below 40 percent.

It's the largest gap on this question, known as the congressional ballot, since December 2017 when Marist showed Democrats with a 13-point advantage.

House Republican leaders are portraying the second crack at tax cuts as championing the middle class and small businesses.

The poll is CNN's first since the conviction of former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort on tax and bank fraud charges stemming from Mueller's investigation and guilty pleas from Trump's former lawyer Michael Cohen on several charges after an investigation that Mueller had referred to the US Attorney's Office for the Southern District of NY.

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The rating is unchanged from the last Marist poll in July.

Carter also noted polls showing independents souring on the Republican administration. Back then only 23 percent of voters thought the president lacked that merit. The full House vote is likely to be held on October 1. That policy in particular has garnered criticism from House Republicans in states like California and New Jersey, whose residents are disproportionately hit by the cap, and could complicate the bill's passage through the lower chamber.

There is also a massive gender gap. Obama, who saw GDP growth of just over 1 percent, doubted that Trump could achieve 4 percent expansion. That unfavorable number is the worst since he won the presidency, and it matches the worst level seen during the 2016 presidential campaign.

48 - 42 percent that he is mentally stable. His party wound up losing 45 House and 12 Senate seats.

That's because Republicans control both the U.S. House and Senate where any articles of impeachment would have to be voted upon.

But, overall, first-term midterms are not kind to the president's party.

Some Democrats and independents side with the President even though they do not like the job he is doing. "An anemic 38% approval rating is compounded by lows on honesty, strength, and intelligence". That outpaces President Donald Trump's approval rating on the matter by 20 points.

The NPR/Marist poll was conducted September 5 through Sunday.

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